The Daily Dose: Wonder Woman, Lady Gaga & Lots of Beer

Super Bowl LI Commercials and Lady Gaga Halftime Show

With 16 days to go before Kick Off, the Super Bowl ad space is filling up. The biggest news of the day is that has officially released their Super Bowl 2017 creative for the Big Game starring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, scroll to watch the website builder’s kick-ass campaign!

Meanwhile, one big American company has already had its ad shot down by Fox, we’ve also got news on the highly anticipated Halftime show starring Lady Gaga, and rumor has it that a certain Aussie bombshell will feature in the upcoming Buick Super Bowl ad. That’s without mentioning that President-elect Donald Trump will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors in an interview with Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly during the traditional Pre-Super Bowl show. Will you be watching?

Other than that, it’s been a quiet few days in the world of the Super Bowl 2017 Commercials. Here’s what you need to know today: Launches Super Bowl LI Campaign Live

Website builders have blown up the ad space (quite literally) with the unveiling of their new Super Bowl 2017 Commercial. The teaser was aired during a special Livestream on YouTube and Facebook Live, as they got followers playing a Q&A to guess the stars of their action-filled commercial. (If you missed the live Wix broadcast, you can still watch it here on Facebook.)

Israeli stunner Gal Gadot and Brit stud Jason Statham are the “famous faces” we’ve all been waiting to see. In the one-minute clip that was broadcast, chef and restaurateur Felix is busy working on his website in the kitchen. Meanwhile, an action movie fight scene takes place in his restaurant by two very disruptive guests. After hearing an explosion, Felix suddenly discovers that his restaurant has been blown apart. With quick thinking, the chef easily changes his business and website to a portable food truck, serving up “Gourmet to Go.”

This marks one in a series of 8-10 teasers that will be broadcast before the final 30-second Wix Super Bowl 2017 commercial slated to air during the third-quarter of the game.

Wix splashes their cash – this time on a Super Bowl competition where you can be the winner!

Adding further excitement to their Super Bowl campaign, Wix announced a very cool contest during the Livestream. Fans and followers have the chance to win up to 50K! All you need to do is make this image of Felix your Facebook profile picture.

Wix Felix Super Bowl Image

Persil ProClean Makes a Super Bowl Comeback

Persil ProClean is the first laundry detergent to join the Super Bowl 2017 commercial roster. The #1 laundry detergent in the U.S. will bring back its stain-fighting hero “The Professional” for the occasion. Persil made its first appearance at the Super Bowl 50 and was ready to knock-out those Game Day stains. Don’t believe us? Then maybe you’ll remember this:

Hyundai: Ninth Time’s a Charm

Hyundai returns to the Super Bowl LI commercials for a ninth year, and with a brand spanking new concept! The automakers will create a live Super Bowl 2017 ad that will be shot, edited and produced during the actual NFL championship.


So, how do you make a 90-second ad in just over 3 hours? You call on acclaimed director Peter Berg (Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon) for the live stunt. Innocean Worldwide will also be involved in the production of the Hyundai Super Bowl 2017 commercial.

Creative-wise all we know it that the ad will feature  “some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments.” Stay with us for live updates.

Kia Calls on Melissa McCarthy as their Star

Rev your engines! Actress Melissa McCarthy is the voice of the Kia Super Bowl 2017 commercial! The automaker released two 15-second teaser clips for the announcement featuring the actress’ voiceover for their “Many Names” and “Need/Want?” clips – the first in a series of ads for Kia’s newest hybrid model, the Kia Nero.

Though McCarthy will physically appear in Kia’s full 60-second Super Bowl ad, here’s a look at part of the campaign. In the words of McCarthy: “ it makes you realize you want one… badly!


The tagline for this year’s campaign is, “A smarter kind of crossover.”

No Bulls*** Campaigns for These Anheuser-Busch Beer Brands

Anheuser-Busch InBev has set the stakes and bought 3-minutes of Super Bowl ad time that will be split between four of their popular beer brands: Bud Light (60-second spot), Busch (30-second spot), Michelob Ultra (30-second spot), and Budweiser (60-second spot). For 2017, the world’s largest brewer promises a series of no-frills commercials that “stay connected to the truth of [its] brands.”

Bud Light boots the celebs

The Bud Light Super Bowl LI commercial rejects the celeb-filled themes that are so common to the Super Bowl ad scene. Instead, this year, the world’s favorite light beer has revealed they’ll be keeping creative simple and their feet firmly on the ground.

They have a brand new “Famous Among Friends” tagline to replace their Bud Light Super Bowl 50 slogan “Raise One to Right Now” that saw Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan star in a fake presidential campaign.

This year they say: “Let’s just be Bud Light.”

Budweiser returns to its roots

Meanwhile, the extended Budweiser Super Bowl commercial will focus on the origin of the brand. The ad will feature an appearance by the Budweiser Clydesdale horses – a longstanding Super Bowl tradition that began with an ad during the Super Bowl XX in 1986. The main Super Bowl LI ad story will focus on the pursuit of the American dream, and the story of how Bud came to be. It will also feature co-Founder Adolphus Busch’s immigration journey from Germany to America, where he created Budweiser in 1876. We look forward to learning the history of Bud! We wonder if it will tug at our heartstrings like this Budweiser Super Bowl XLVII puppy love commercial:

Michelob Ultra high-fives the active lifestyle

Following their successful 2016 Big Game debut, Michelob Ultra will air a 2017 Super Bowl ad that targets people who live an active and social lifestyle. It will build upon the brand’s “Brewed for Those Who Go the Extra Mile” campaign that featured last year. (Get your sweatpants on!)

Busch stays true its name

Making their 2017 Super Bowl debut, Bavarian beer Busch has revealed that its creative will “introduce itself to a new generation of beer drinkers, drawing on decades of equity as a brand that stays true to its name,” a release said. To get a feel for the type of commercial we can expect, take a look back at this awesome creative compilation by Parent company Anheuser-Busch. Everyone remembers unforgettable Budweiser Super Bowl commercials like this:

Pepsi Takes Us Behind-The-Scenes at Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show Rehearsals

Lady Gaga has snagged the hottest show of all time and she’s certainly not going to make this performance anything less than spectacular. The Pepsi Sponsored Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Show is promised to be a show stopper! Pepsi has released the first behind the scenes video of rehearsals – and it looks epic! The 4-minute clip shows a short interview with the star and gives fans a first look at the dance moves that choreographer Richy Jackson has planned for the February 5 performance.

The Born This Way singer will be going solo for the entirety of the show, making her the 8th artist in the halftime show’s history to perform without other guests. She is also rumored to be attempting a stunt so ambitious that it is getting her team hot under the collar – did someone say something about performing from the NRG Stadium roof? Stay tuned…

Will Model Miranda Kerr Star in the Buick 2017 Super Bowl Ad?

Speaking of rumors, word on the grapevine has it that Miranda Kerr will be starring alongside Panthers’ Quarterback Cam Newton in the upcoming Buick 2017 Super Bowl Commercial. The Aussie model and American footballer were snapped at the Los Angeles Zoo, wearing blue and white, for a mysterious car commercial. Will we see them on our screens when game day rolls around?

Stay with us for round-the-clock updates. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of Buick’s Super Bowl 50 commercial starring model Emily Ratajkowski and New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

84 Lumber is First Ad to Get Shot down by Fox

We all know about those banned Super Bowl ads! Some are considered too risque, some offensive and others go too hardball by slamming other advertisers. This time around, 84 Lumber, who purchased a 90-second spot at the Big Game – their first ever – went for a creative angle that Fox flat out rejected.

Apparently, the ad creative too closely mirrored President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. The American lumber supplies chain is hoping to use the ad spot to recruit, train and hire men aged 20-29; they don’t need to have a degree, just a “roll up your sleeves and work” attitude. On the plus side, getting rejected is free publicity for 84 Lumber, making more Super Bowl viewers aware of their family-run business.

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