The Daily Dose: Audi For Gender Equality, Justin Bieber for T-Mobile & More

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The Super Bowl ads are rolling out! And this year, it appears that advertisers are not shying away from contentious issues. So far, we’ve seen Budweiser shine a spotlight on immigration, 84Lumber have its original commercial rejected due to a “wall,” Kia & Melissa McCarthy saving the planet and now, Audi – calling for gender equality.

We can’t wait to see what Coke and other brands have to say at the Super Bowl 2017, too!

Here’s everything you need to know about Super Bowl LI commercials on February, 2.

Audi advocates gender equality

German automaker, Audi, makes a strong statement about equal pay in their Super Bowl LI commercial. The 60-second ad, called “Daughter,” was released on Wednesday. The ad features a dad narrating about how society will (or will not) value his daughter when she is older. In good timing, the commercial comes just weeks after the Women’s March swept the world, starting in Washington and ending in an international movement calling for racial and gender equality, among other contentious issues. In running with the gender theme, the Audi Super Bowl LI ad was directed by a woman — Irish writer and director, Aoife McArdle…

The ad raises the question: “What will you tell your daughter?

T-Mobile snags Justin Bieber for Super Bowl ad

For the fourth year in a row, T-Mobile will be airing a Super Bowl commercial. This year, they’ve gone for an all-star cast including Justin Bieber (aka the “Celebration Expert”), Rob Gronkowski (who also stars in the Tide Super Bowl LI commercial), and Terrell Owens (who also starred in this 2015 Wix Super Bowl commercial). They show us their best touchdown dance – the shimmy, the shake, the shimmy, shimmy shake, and more. We’re not, totally, convinced.

Coca-Cola to advertise at the Super Bowl

Coke will run two 30-second commercials during the Big Game – but, there’s a twist. The world-famous beverages brand is slated to run two commercials that have previously aired – one for Coke and a second for Sprite. The Super Bowl “Hall of Fame” advertisers are keeping creative details close to their chest, and love to keep the element of surprise. Don’t expect any pre-releases from these guys.

If the political undertone of several other 2017 Super Bowl commercials is anything to go by, perhaps we can expect to see a re-run of commercials such as this 2014 Coke Super Bowl ad:

Bud Light and the return of Spuds MacKenzie

The ghost of Spuds MacKenzie returns to the Super Bowl in Bud Light’s 90-second ad. Spuds was the “original party animal” from the brew’s 1980s commercials. This year, the playboy bull terrier appears as an apparition in the commercial that reminds us:  “You’re not just here for the parties, you’re here for the friendships.”

Bud Light Ad: Spuds’ Back

84 Lumber has more cryptic teasers

84 Lumber may have had its original (and first ever) Super Bowl ad creative rejected by FOX, but the American lumber supplies company certainly isn’t going anywhere. They’ve been busy releasing a number of teasers via Twitter and Facebook ahead of their 90-second Halftime ad. Social media posts are telling us to get ready for a story of courage, hope, and new beginnings.

The story of a new beginning. See it 2.5.17.

Posted by 84 Lumber Company on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hyundai reveals more creative details about “Operation Better”

Finally, we’ve got more scoop on the Hyundai LIVE Super Bowl 2017 commercial. The automaker has revealed that its 90-second Super Bowl ad will capture real-time footage from undisclosed US military bases overseas – as part of “Operation Better.”

As well as filming, editing, and producing the commercial DURING the Big Game, Hyundai will set up a number of high-tech, enclosed pods that simulate the stadium experience, for soldiers to watch the game.

Sprint’s cliffhanger commercial

We were told to expect a “cliffhanger” for the Sprint Big Game 2017 commercial. And they were speaking literally. Going for the jugular, Sprint has chosen a direct attack on its competitor Verizon – suggesting that Verizon’s bills are enough to drive anyone over the edge. Here is the Sprint 30-second Super Bowl LI commercial, simply entitled, “Car.”

Snickers will go live 36 hours before kickoff

Hello, 36-hour live stream! As crazy as it sounds the candy bar is upping the ante ahead of the live 30-second Snickers Super Bowl LI ad. The Mars Inc. brand will go live with “cowboys, horses, karaoke and much more.” Clearly, these guys are serious about winning the in-brand Snickers vs Skittles competition.

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