The Future Is Here: Liam Neeson Takes “Revenge” With Debut LG Super Bowl 50 Ad

LG super bowl 2016 ad liam neeson

This just in! Liam Neeson will be starring in LG’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial

After knocking our socks off with his killer performance in the Clash of Clans Super Bowl XLIX commercial, Liam is back in full force as the #ManFromTheFuture. 

The news was released on January 23 in a 15-second teaser, in which Neeson says “It will change everything.” (Other than that, the teaser tells us very little.)

What else do we know about the LG 2016 Super Bowl ad?

With Ridley Scott’s production company, RSA films, as the brains behind the creative of the LG Super Bowl 60-second ad spot, we’re definitely going to be in for quite the visual experience. (And if Scott’s 1984 Apple ad is a point of comparison, then this year’s ad could in fact, “change everything.”) Directing the spot will be Jake Scott, Ridley’s son, who also directed the enormously popular Budweiser Super Bowl commercialLost Dog.

With all the hype around the Super Bowl commercials, advertisers are racing to have the most memorable ad in the Big Game. This year, LG Electronics is making its debut Super Bowl appearance in an ad that will highlight the company’s OLED (organic light-emitted diode technology) TV.

Why Liam?

Known for his performance in Clash Of Clan’s Super Bowl XLIX ad as “Angry Neeson,” the actor has become the “No. 1 celebrity when it comes to sales influence among consumers.” (It’s no wonder why LG chose to hire him for their spot in the Big Game.)

Want a New TV for Game Day?

LG is also running an #OLEDisHere Sweepstakes”on Twitter where fans can vie for the chance to win their very own OLED TV between now and February 6. The company is asking participants to follow @LGUS and “post a tweet with the hashtags #OLEDisHere and #Sweepstakes” for a chance to win the grand prize. (Now, that’s one Game Day sweepstakes we’re totally going to join!)

If that’s still not enough to get you amped, the brand has also expressed that it will launch more teaser clips with “behind-the-scenes footage” in the lead up to its appearance in Super Bowl 50. (Needless to say, we’ll be glued to our screens and antsy with anticipation as to what their next teaser will have in store!)

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