Go Big Or Go Home: Budweiser Clydesdales Back In Full Force In Massive Super Bowl 50 Ad

Budweiser Second 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

These horses have a Super-sized message for the crowds…

We’ve all been waiting for it…and at last it’s finally been revealed. Budweiser put their puppies on the sidelines this year and is back in action with a bolder, bigger and (much) more assertive Game Day commercial called “Not Backing Down.”

The beer brewing company just released the 60-second extended version of their 30-second Super Bowl 50 ad – and we’re sure it’s going to get everyone talking (or drinking some Bud, at the very least.)

Watch the Budweiser Big Game commercial:

The 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial celebrates the Anheuser-Busch brand’s bigness and it drives home the message (successfully, might we add) with the help of the famous Clydesdales.

The ad begins with strong beats, angry snorts and clammering hooves and then continues on to show beer being made, and enjoyed. There are no spoken words, but throughout the Budweiser commercial, we are reminded in large letters on screen that Budweiser is “not small, not imported, not a hobby” and “not for everyone.” The overwhelming message is that this is one hard-core brew made for the toughest beer drinkers in the crowd.

Because puppies just don’t sell beer…

While in previous Super Bowls Budweiser’s commercials featured the Clydesdales making friends with puppies, this year they decided to leave their #BestBud on the sidelines (or at the farm) to pave the way for a more assertive tone and an ad that focuses on the product itself.

Why? Because it works! In an effort to increase sales, the Budweiser Super Bowl 50 commercial is meant to continue the message that they sent during last year’s Super Bowl spot, called “Brewed the Hard Way.” That campaign, launched at last year’s Big Game, managed to “put a new stamp on Bud as a ‘macro’ brew.” Apparently, it made quite an impact.

See last year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad called “Brewed the Hard Way:”

Brian Perkins, VP for Budweiser in the U.S. made a statement to AdAge saying that the “puppies got attention and won awards and views,” but they just didn’t sell beer. He concluded with saying that the tougher, more direct approach to marketing has “‘delivered the best results on the brand…in 14 years.’” And while our furry, best friends are adorable, it’s no wonder why the beer brewing company chose to continue on this path of assertiveness to get us drinking their beer.

What is the other Budweiser commercial all about?

In a prelude to all this rough and tough talk, Budweiser’s first Super Bowl 50 ad features a very blunt Helen Mirren in a public service announcement about drunk driving. The 60-second commercial is called #GiveADamn.

Budweiser decided to go with a “notoriously frank and uncensored British lady” in their first Super Bowl 50 ad to bring awareness to the significant drunk driving issue that, tragically, comes along with celebrating America’s biggest sporting event. They’ve even launched a widespread #GiveADamn website and campaign to tackle drunk driving and ensure their message is heard.

Budweiser is joining a long list of 2016 Super Bowl advertisers who are ramped up and ready to go for Super Bowl 50 and we’re pretty sure their two ads will have a very big impact on viewers – and hopefully on drivers as well! 

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