The 6 Most Epic Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

2017 most epic super bowl LI commercials

It was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history! Indeed, we witnessed a truly epic game during Super Bowl LI. The New England Patriots fought back from what appeared to be a lost game to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the first-ever Super Bowl overtime.

In keeping with the epic theme, we asked ourselves here at Super Bowl Commercials, which were the most epic commercials aired during the Big Game? We experienced the work of epic directors and saw epic star appearances, epic cinematography, and epic tales. So who did it best? The votes are in.

Here it is, the six most epic commercials of Super Bowl LI:

1. Wix Big Game Commercial Starring Gal Gadot, Jason Statham

What happens when you mix an Israeli goddess with a Brit stud and combine it with Super Bowl commercial creative? You get Gal Gadot and Jason Statham starring in the badass Super Bowl LI commercial, directed by Louis Leterrier.

This year and for a third consecutive year, the website builders pulled out all the stops for their 30-second ad spot. The full commercial, which ran during the fourth-quarter, showed “Wonder Woman” star Gadot and “Lock Stock” actor Statham destroying the restaurant of Chef Felix as they fought off a series of baddies. Quick thinking and always pragmatic, Felix found a way to make lemonade out of lemons and start up a new business idea, along with a quick and easy-to-build website.  If you happened to take a bathroom/nachos break then here’s what you missed: For all the action, here’s the full two-minute Director’s Cut:

2. Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy

Kia sent a truly epic message in their Super Bowl ad for the Kia Niro hybrid. They cast award-winning actress Melissa McCarthy to play a heroic eco-warrior that travels between destinations to save the planet. Among her many missions, McCarthy attempts to save the whales, deforestation, and the polar ice caps from melting. Unfortunately, her disastrous activist attempts always seem to land her in a spot of bother. Here’s what happened when McCarthy gave up her day job:

3. Mercedes-Benz “Easy Driver” Starring Peter Fonda

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating an epic year, the 50th anniversary of their Mercedes-AMG sports brand – and what better way to honor the milestone than call on the amazing Coen Brothers to direct their Super Bowl LI commercial, “Easy Driver.” The epic ad, took us on a journey on the open road with bikers, brawls, and the original star of 1969 cult classic “Easy Driver” Peter Fonda making a cameo appearance. They even added Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” soundtrack to the commercial. Here’s what happens when “Born to be Wild meets Built to be Wild:”

4. Battle of Evony (Top Games) “Evony The King’s Return”

They promised us a cinematographic masterpiece, and we weren’t disappointed.  The Battle of Evony Super Bowl ad tells a beautifully-crafted story of historical battles that include King Arthur rallying his British army, George Washington leading the American troops, and Chinese Empress Wu Zetian on a mission to expand her empire.  And then, we are told, that we, too, can rule! Even if you’re not a fan of mobile gaming, you may now be tempted to see what this game is all about:

5. Budweiser “Born the Hard Way”

Despite the recent controversy surrounding Budweiser’s pre-released Super Bowl spot, the brand has defended its commercial as not being political. The ad, tells the story of a young Adolphus Busch, as he arrives fresh off the boat from Germany to pursue his dream of making beer. Faced with heckles of “you’re not wanted here” and “go back home,” the story captures the anti-German immigrant hostility of 19th century America. It also shows the telling moment when Bush met Eberhard Anheuser – of Anheuser-Busch. Whether you believe this commercial is politically challenging or not, it rings with the air of a Hollywood movie.

6. Alpha Romero – “Riding Dragons”

Make your dreams become a reality: this was the message of the Alpha Romero Super Bowl LI “Riding Dragons” commercial. The ad touches on childhood aspirations to be the strongest and to be the best are not always what matters in life, but learning grace and staying true to who you are will help make your wildest dreams come true. This ad talks about being epic, and is, epic.

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