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Super Bowl Commercial 2017_feb1

Hold onto your Super Bowl hats!

With 3 days to go before the anticipated NFL Super Bowl LI championship, the advertisers are busy playing their own competitive sport too – fighting for the championship title of the “Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercial!” Naturally, we’ll be reporting around the clock on who’s in, who’s out – bringing you all the Super Bowl commercial news as it happens. (Yes, we’ve got sleeping bags at the office!)

It’s time for your daily dose of Super Bowl commercial news!

  • Releases Director’s Cut

With the unveiling of a series of videos to weave the tale of Felix, his restaurant and stunning Wix website, has now released the Director’s Cut of their Super Bowl 2017 commercial. The company kicked off the campaign with this exciting spot that has already racked up a staggering 4 million views. Watch Gal Gadot and Jason Statham doing what they’re best at!

Let’s talk about disturbing the peace for a second, with the sound of BUSCHHHHH. You know, the noise that happens when you open a cold, crisp can of Busch Beer. That, can be excused. Well, at least to us humanoids.  On February 1, Busch Beer released its 30-second Super Bowl LI ad with a new spokesman, and new can.

Pepsi is rolling out its new LIFEWTR premium bottled water, kicking off the launch campaign with this 30-second Super Bowl slot. The ad is backed by a version of John Legend’s “Love Me Now” song. The spot by Hustle Chicago is called “Inspiration Drops” that channels “earth’s finest water” against “thirst inspiration.”

  • Google AI Joins the Super Bowl for a First

Google joins the Super Bowl ad game to promote its AI assistant, Google Home. This is the second time Google has advertised at the Big Game. Though Google is keeping its creative cards close to its chest, we expect it will show how Home can improve consumers lives – like in this popular commercial.

We’re not sure how to describe this one, but we’ll sure try! The secret society has learned that one of its members is leaking key historical facts to the world – they faked the moon landing, there are only 49 shades of grey – but most importantly…the biggest avocado secret of them all! According to Avocados for Mexico, now, the greatest truth in the universe has come to light…

  • Buick Snags Miranda Kerr & Cam Newton for Ad

The rumors were true! Model Miranda Kerr & Panthers quarterback Cam Newton are the stars of the new Buick Super Bowl 2017 commercial. Check out the 60-second slot before game day:

You probably know them for their fluffy dinner rolls, burger buns and wholesome bread, but after Sunday you may remember them best for their Super Bowl ad! That’s right, nation’s favorite baker, King’s Hawaiian, is advertising at Super Bowl LI for the first time. They have purchased a 30-second spot slated to air during the fourth-quarter.

Watch the family-friendly King’s Hawaiian Super Bowl teaser “False Cabinet:”

  • Watch the KFC “Colonel Vs. Colonel” Teaser

KFC joins the other rookies on the Super Bowl LI roster!

The American chicken maker has launched its first international Super Bowl campaign with a number of teasers. So, what’s the plot? Two Colonel Sanders’ are battling it out for 15-seconds of prime-time fame during the Big Game. From arm wrestling and rock-paper-scissors, to a brief exchange of words and more, there can only be one winner at Game Day. The ad stars Billy Zane and Rob Riggle, both playing Colonels.

Watch the 15-second teaser here:

Mobile game Mobile Strike, created by Machine Zone, will advertise at Super Bowl LI for the second year in a row. They have again called on Arnold Schwarzenegger for the action-filled ad spot.

You can watch the Mobile Strike Super Bowl 2017 teaser here:

Whetting our Super Bowl appetite, WeatherTech has released a 15-second teaser ahead of the Big Game. The American car-mat makers ask us…Just how far will they go this Super Bowl?

  • Justin Timberlake Shares Bai Teaser on Twitter

It’s with much anticipation that we await the debut Bai Beverages Super Bowl LI commercial. The campaign, fronted by Chief “Flavors” Officer, Justin Timberlake, asks us… what are you doing this weekend? Yes, they went there…

  • Kia “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy

Tying together a series of teasers (two of them are below), Kia has at last revealed the plot of their cryptic Super Bowl 2017 commercial. Melissa McCarthy is busy trying to save the planet as an eco-warrior – a challenge at times but made easier with the fuel efficient crossover the Kia Nero. (Scroll down to see the full commercial.)

Teaser #5

Teaser #6

The Complete Kia Super Bowl LI ad:

Prepare yourselves for a cinematographic extravaganza!

Top Games released its “The Battle of Evony” Big Game commercial  – the extended cut. The story follows several kings, with George Washington played by Aaron Eckhart, King Arthur played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Empress Wu Zetian played by Fan Bingbing. The 30-second ad will air during the third quarter of the Big Game.

Watch the extended version:

  • Persil & The Professional Return to Our Screens

The Professional is back! He’s been busy helping a certain “Science Guy” get ready, and clean up,  for the Big Game on Sunday. But, what could he possibly be experimenting with?

There’s an elephant in the room! Rather, Ernie’s at the gym – for Wonderful Pistachios’ Super Bowl LI ad. It’s funny:

  • Watch the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI commercial extended cut

Japanese video game maker, Nintendo, will run its first-ever Super Bowl ad. The news came with the release of its extended cut. The 30-second ad is scheduled to run during the fourth quarter of Game Day.

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