The Daily Dose: Bud Light, Justin Timberlake & The Professional

top_games_bai_bud_persil_Super Bowl commercials 2017

Who will reach the 2017 Super Bowl? Today’s NFC and AFC Title games will be the telling moment. In just a few hours, we’ll be one step closer to finding out the competing Super Bowl teams. And like all things Super Bowl, we’re sure there will be some commercials thrown in for good measure! In fact, we already know that Hyundai will feature teasers. Look out for NFL legends Joe Montana and Mike Singletary making guest appearances in there too!

Meanwhile, in the land of Super Bowl Commercials, here’s what you need to know today:

Bud Light: Bonding, Beer, and Buds

Bud Light has started rolling out its Super Bowl LI campaign two weeks ahead of kick off.  TheBud Light commercial is designed to promote the beer’s new tagline ‘Famous Among Friends’ that the beer makers will roll out in a 60-second slot at the Big Game.

In a major shift from last year’s election-themed ad, the first part of Bud Light’s ad is called “Between Friends” and touches on quality moments shared between two best buds.

From going to the movies together and late night phone calls to getting lost on the road, whatever it is: “You’re not just drinking beers [together], you’re building friendships.”

The new Bud Light ad comes as part of a bigger no-frills Super Bowl campaign led by parent company Anheuser-Busch. This year, they want their beer commercials to be direct and focus on the products, rather than on celebrities or politics. A wise move, if you ask us.

Justin Timberlake is the Star of the Bai Super Bowl Commercial

After all those beers during the Super Bowl, you may be feeling a little foggy-headed. Nothing a Bai antioxidant beverage can’t sort! This year, the health drinks line will return to the Super Bowl with their first national campaign. (Last year the brand bought a regional television spot.)

The Bai Super Bowl 2017 ad will feature Pop star and C“F”O – the Chief Flavors Officer – Justin Timberlake along with a “surprise special guest.” Timberlake is even involved in the making of the commercial alongside Bai’s in-house creative team.

For last year’s spot, Bai purchased 30-seconds of airtime to promote the company’s ‘None of This Makes Sense’ campaign that featured a gangsta horse-whisperer. You can watch the complete Bai Super Bowl 2016 ad here:

Persil ProClean: Ready to Clean Up Those Game Day Stains

Steer clear of greasy nachos! Persil ProClean is getting into the competitive spirit for its second Super Bowl commercial. Following last year’s debut, the winning laundry detergent is ready to clean those Game Day stains with its stain-fighting superhero, “The Professional.”

The new 30-second ad will again feature the man in the black and white suit. Here’s what he had to say last year:

Battle of Evony Joins the Super Bowl ad Rookies

According to AdAge, mobile game publishers Top Games USA Inc. have joined the Rookie roster  with an ad for The Battle of Evony. They’ve purchased a 30-second ad spot during the Super Bowl LI. The ad will feature a variety of celebs and create a cinematic experience to promote the company’s new game. 

Mobile games have had some great commercials in recent years. In 2015, Liam Neeson made the Clash of Clans Super Bowl 2015 commercial one of the best of the year. The actor took on the hilarious role of an angry, super-spy alter-ego and had us chuckling from the outset:

Wix to Host Second Live Super Bowl Broadcast is preparing for today’s NFL playoffs with another special Facebook Live broadcast at 1 pm EST. Last week, the website builder’s caused an Internet riot with the release of the Wix Super Bowl 2017 commercial live on the social media platform. Why? Because they snagged two of Hollywood’s hottest stars for the Wix Super Bowl commercial – Israeli beauty Gal Gadot and Brit stud Jason Statham. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

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