So…You Think You Can (Touchdown) Dance For A Butterfinger? Prove It To T.O. And Billy Eichner

Butterfinger Super Bowl 50 Campaign

A “Bolder than Bold” teaser starring Terrell Owens and Billy Eichner in honor of the 2016 Butterfinger Super Bowl commercial!

We’re definitely not NFL players, or any sports players for that matter, but one thing’s for sure — Butterfinger has got us working on perfecting our touchdown dance in light of their recent campaign. If their skydiving announcement in December wasn’t enough to make us jump out of a plane ourselves, then there’s one duo who might actually get us to stage slide as smoothly as Springsteen in the 2009 Super Bowl halftime show.

To build hype for their 30-second appearance during CBS’s broadcast of Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016, Butterfinger released a teaser that shows NFL player Terrell Owens and comedian Billy Eichner wandering through the streets of NYC!

After last year’s appearance in Wix’s Super Bowl XLIX ad, Owens has apparently put aside his humble pie business for the yellow, crunchy candy bar. In the new teaser, Owens and Eichner hit the streets of New York in an attempt to challenge people to “perform a bold touchdown dance” and be as bold as Butterfinger itself. (And after two shots of whiskey and our very own humble pie, you might just catch us attempting to do it as well).

Here’s their very bold campaign video:

The Butterfinger Super Bowl 2016 campaign is offering “pro football players” the opportunity of a lifetime — a chance to receive “up to $50,000 for any fines they may incur” as they celebrate “a touchdown in one of the three final games of the season.” (For that kind of price, we’re even up for the challenge ourselves.)

Though we still don’t have specific details about the Butterfinger Super Bowl 2016 ad, we only hope we’ll get a chance to see Terrell Owens performing his very own touchdown dance. Butterfinger’s recent campaign is one of the many reasons we love the Super Bowl. But if you’re really looking for more reasons, then here are 35 of them.