84 Lumber Commercial 2017

This American lumber supplies chain is giving the Super Bowl commercials a run for their money with their first ever ad buy at the Big Game. 

84 Lumber bought up a whopping 90-seconds of prime ad space, making them the only brand to purchase more than a minute of air time for a single slot.

The family-run company chose hometown agency, Brunner of Pittsburgh, to make the creative. The commercial, which cost an industry-estimated $15 million, aired during the second quarter just before halftime. Scroll to watch the full banned commercial.

What happened during the 84 Lumber Super Bowl LI ad?

Well… here’s how it went down.

The original 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad was nixed by Fox for being too political. So the company went back to the studio and put together a new version. The ad is beautiful and compelling as it tells the tale of a mother and daughter on an ambiguous trip through Mexico…

But where are they heading? And what does that have to do with Lumber? Originally, it looked like 84 Lumber was trying to encourage people to start their own journeys in a career at the company.

Indeed, the company confirmed that they want the slot to recruit, train and hire men aged 20-29. But are they looking specifically to recruit people from Mexico? The plot gets thicker… 

Watch the full banned 84Lumber Super Bowl 2017 journey:

Original content in the 84 Lumber Super Bowl LI commercial story contained footage considered too controversial and it was banned from being broadcast.

The message was loud and clear: if you’re going to build a wall, 84Lumber will build a door. Watch the full journey, below.

Teasers that kept us guessing…

Before 84 Lumber released the ad, they had a bunch of teasers on Facebook. They didn’t help explain the ad, but they did leave us curious!

Teaser #1: Chief Creative Officer, Rob Schapiro:

Rob Interview

Rob Schapiro, Chief Creative Officer for our upcoming spot on telling stories that need to be told.

Posted by 84 Lumber Company on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Teaser #2: Director Cole Webley: 

Cole Webley, director of our upcoming spot on finding honesty in the uncomfortable.

Posted by 84 Lumber Company on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Teaser #3: The Story of a New Beginning

The story of a new beginning. See it 2.5.17.

Posted by 84 Lumber Company on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad marks the kick off a year-long campaign that coincides with the company’s 2017 expansion – including 20 new stores nationwide. One thing’s for sure, this 61-year-old brand has: “Been There. Built That.”

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