Intel Commercial 2017

Intel was the first brand to publish a teaser before this year’s Big Game – and, they scored a touchdown with their 2017 Super Bowl ad!

Why? Because the ad stars Patriot’s QBTom Brady waking up, brushing his teeth, and eating a pancake… off the floor. What may seem mundane to some, in fact, looks epic with the new Intel 360 replay technology – helped by the fact that, well, it’s Brady. And as he proved once more on Sunday night, he is anything but mundane. 

Intel’s new technology also played an awesome role in FOX Sports Super Bowl LI broadcast! It was used to showcase the quarterback’s point of view from the field for the very first time. This is Intel’s first in-game Super Bowl ad since 2010. 

Why the #PhelpsFace?

Clearly, a fan of sports, Intel recently aired a cute commercial with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps – where they coined the term #PhelpsFace, meaning “sad face.”

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