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Want some good clean Super Bowl fun? Us too!
That’s why we are thrilled to see that Persil is back in the Super Bowl for the third year in a row. And while Persil Super Bowl commercials don’t win top spots on the list of Best Super Bowl commercials, they’re good enough for a laugh.

Last year, in their sophomore attempt in the Super Bowl ad game, Persil ProClean went with what worked well in Super Bowl 50.  They took the 2016 game as an instrumental tool to broadcast a powerful message to the 100+ million viewers. Thankfully, their sophisticated stain-fighting hero “The Professional” was back last year as the star of the show in the Persil 2017 Super Bowl ad. And alongside Peter Hermann was Bill Nye, the Science Guy!

The Persil Super Bowl LI Commercial

The Persil Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Persil ProClean debuted at the Super Bowl 50. They came to the Big Game ready to fight your Super Bowl-sized stains! The message? If you managed to get yourself dirty with all that Game Day beer and greasy nachos, then Persil ProClean wants to come to the rescue! The ad starred Peter Hermann as the Cleaning Professional!

Watch the Persil Super Bowl 50 commercial here:

The Henkel-owned brand has been in the U.S. market for less than a year. By advertising on America’s biggest stage, they created a Super-sized buzz around their product. To show that they mean business, SVP and General Manager of Henkel, Andreas Hartleb, said that they joined the ad race to increase brand awareness and recognition among American consumers.

Before the real ad, there were teasers…

In their first Super Bowl 50 teaser, Persil introduced us to their stain-fighting expert, ‘The Professional.’  Clearly this guy knows what he’s doing! To help drive home their message, the laundry detergent company also asked fans to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #GameDayStains.

In honor of Super Bowl 50, the folks at Persil ProClean also conducted a “Game Day Stain” survey. (And it has everything to do with their hashtag).

After interviewing roughly 10,000 Americans across the country, the company concluded that on average, 53% of those who agreed to be interviewed “had spilled beverages on their clothes while watching The Big Game or attending a party for the game.” Even crazier is the fact that 88% of respondents admitted that they caused the spill themselves.

If you’re looking for a product that promises deep cleaning for all those #GameDayStains, then maybe it’s time to go ahead and try these guys out. They do, in fact, love a good challenge.

At least, that’s what they say in their TV commercial, “The Stain Experts:”

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