Bud Light Commercial 2018

As has been their habit for many years, the beer giant Anheuser-Busch has again purchased the rights to be the one and only beer company to officially advertise at Super Bowl LII. They will, of course, dedicate at least one ad to Bud Light, their low-cost, frat-boy favorite. If you’ve been watching football lately, you’re definitely privy to the whole new Dilly Dilly fiasco. Bud Light has created a medieval world where the beer of choice is Bud Light and to earn favor with the royalty, you only need to bring them Bud Lights – en masse. This same theme is featured in the trio of  Bud Light 2018 Super Bowl commercials. Here they are:

Watch  “The Bud Knight here”:

Here’s the second in the trilogy, “Ye Olde Pep Talk”

And here’s the final ad, “Wizard”:

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