Rihanna And Colbert Take On CBS: A Super Bowl – Grammy Duo You Don’t Want To Miss

CBS And Rihanna Super Bowl Grammy Commercial

CBS released a promo starring pop star Rihanna and television host, Stephen Colbert. Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more pumped up for the Big Game…and the Grammys!

If there’s one broadcasting company that’s making the big bucks this year, it’s CBS. The station is hosting the biggest sporting event of all time, Super Bowl 50, at Levi’s Stadium on February 7, 2016, and the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on February 15th. Plus, they’ve let us know their plans to air a special live broadcast of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert right after the Super Bowl!

In anticipation of this star-studded February, CBS created a great 40-second promo highlighting both events, with both Rihanna and Colbert.

Though as far as we know, Rihanna won’t be not joining Beyonce or Coldplay at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, we still love to see her face grace our screens and boy does she have us more excited than ever before! (With this kind of hype, it’s no surprise that Super Bowl tickets are going for around $4000 a pop!)

In case you missed it:

The ad is meant to get viewers amped for both events; we see Rihanna strutting down midfield in style and with attitude for a face off with NFL sportscasters Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. To decide what to air first – the Grammy Awards or the 2016 Super Bowl, CBS chooses to settle it with the toss of a coin. And who do they have on board as ref? Colbert of course!

Suspense builds, but ultimately, Super Bowl 50 clearly wins the coin toss. Pop icon Rihanna assures us that she’s worth waiting another 8 days to see at the Grammy’s. You bet she is!!!

In other news from CBS…

In anticipation of this year’s 50th Super Bowl, CBS is pulling out all the stops. They announced their partnership with ESPN Deportes for a Spanish broadcast of the 2016 Super Bowl. The aim is to reach the nation’s growing Hispanic audience.

In other news, CBS has also confirmed that they will provide live streaming of all the Super Bowl 2016 commercials.

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