All The Super Bowl 50 Commercials In One Place: Watch The Best And Worst 2016 Big Game Day Ads

2016 Super Bowl Commercials Full Roster

Last year, 52 companies purchased air time in the 2016 Super Bowl – the 50th edition of the biggest day in American sports – and TV commercials. Each of these brands paid CBS a minimum of 5 million bucks per 30 seconds of precious air time. Eager to promote their goods before an audience of more than 100 million captivated viewers, most advertisers will tell you that each of those dollars was well spent. 

While the game is over and Super Bowl LI is still weeks away, we can still enjoy the best part of the Super Bowl 50 – the ads! If you ran for a pee break or fell asleep during what was universally considered a boring Game, here’s a look back at all of the Super Bowl 50 commercials.

Without further ado, the complete roster of 2016 Super Bowl commercials:


Sophomore advertiser, website builder chose to partner last year with DreamWorks Animation. The amazing animators behind classics like Shrek and Madagascar created a fun Super Bowl ad that made for some serious eye candy.

Under the hashtag #StartStunning, the 30-second commercial both promoted the release of Kung Fu Panda 3 and used our favorite characters from the Kung Fu movies to show how important and easy it is for any business to create a beautiful website using Wix. Plus, the web design company even created an interactive, online hub for all their fans.

Watch the complete Wix 2016 Super Bowl ad here:

Wix also released four teasers, each of which featured one of our favorite Kung Fu fighters going to extreme measures to get the word out about Mr. Ping’s Noodles, only to be reminded by the wise Master Shifu that every business should start first by building a stunning Wix website. Watch all the Wix Super Bowl teasers.

LG (Rookie)

In their rookie Super Bowl appearance last year, LG teamed up with some of the best in the business to create an ad for their new line of TVs featuring OLED (“organic light-emitting diodes”) technology. But not just anyone directed this ad…LG brought out the big guns and teamed up with Jake Scott! That would be the same Jake Scott who directed such all-time Super Bowl classics as Budweiser’s Lost Dog commercial and who just happens to be the son of the legendary Sir Ridley Scott, director of Apple’s 1984 ad, which is widely considered the best Super Bowl ad of all time. 

Not only that, but the sci-fi spoofing ad featured Liam Neeson, who starred in last year’s amazing Clash of Clans Super Bowl commercial. Michael Neeson, Liam’s real-life son, plays a younger Liam in the ad. (Lots of family in this LG ad!)

Truth be told, the ad itself, called “Man from the Future” left us missing last year’s Clash of Clans ad just a bit. Were our expectations too high?

Pokemon (Rookie)

Last year’s Big Game TV broadcast featured the first Pokemon Super Bowl commercial. The gaming company purchased a 30-second slot and used it to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their first Nintendo games, “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green.” Was Pokemon inspired by the mobile gaming companies Clash of Clans and Game of War who both advertised during Super Bowl XLIX? In any event, they may be old school, but they didn’t miss a beat in getting right into the game.


While they may be one of the least awe-inspiring brands in the game, WeatherTech has already become a Super Bowl advertising regular. Last year was the 3rd consecutive year that the producer of American-made car floor mats purchased a 30-second spot in the Big Game. Both of WeatherTech’s previous Super Bowl ads highlighted the fact that their products are 100% American-made.

The WeatherTech Super Bowl 50 ad sent a similar message, paying homage to the great resource that is “The American People.”

Colgate (Rookie)

Crest or Colgate? When it comes to the Super Bowl, you didn’t have to decide! Colgate was the one and only toothpaste advertiser playing in the Big Game last year. Instead of using their first-ever Super Bowl commercial to remind us to brush our teeth after eating all that junk food, they put together a 30-second public service announcement encouraging us to save water. The commercial aired during the 2-minute warning of the second half of the game.

Based off of an ad they first aired in Latin America, Colgate created the following Super Bowl spot. They released #EveryDropCounts, their official Super Bowl ad, on January 27th, 2016. 

Persil ProClean (Rookie)

Persil ProClean laundry detergent has been on the market for less than two years in the United States, but they hoped that by the end of Super Bowl 50, everyone in America would be fighting stains with their product. They purchased a precious Big Game time slot to spread the word about their professional-expertise in getting our clothes clean. They even launched a hashtag, #GameDayStains, but that didn’t make they ad any more exciting. Then again, how exciting can laundry really be?


No one saw this ad coming! In what was one of the biggest advertising surprises of the night last year, Jublia came back for a sophomore Super Bowl performance, completely unannounced. The ad starred former NFL greats Howie Long, Deion Sanders and Phil Simms discussing the very delicate subject of toe fungus.

Marmot (Rookie)

Last year, the outdoor gear junkies at Marmot created a Super Bowl commercial for the first time ever. But rather than use a celebrity, sex or drama to catch our attention, these guys counted on one large, furry squirrel (technically, it’s a marmot) to help them sell their outerwear to more Americans. They purchased a 30-second spot that did indeed make us fall in serious LOVE with the outside – and with this adorable little rodent.

Before Game Day, Marmot released some great Super Bowl teasers as well. Be sure to check them out!

Amazon (Rookie)

While most Americans have heard of Amazon at this point, not everyone knows about Echo. The speaker-like device who calls herself “Alexa” played a starring roll in the 2016 Amazon Super Bowl commercial. Alongside Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliot,’s first-ever Super Bowl ad was designed to increase Echo sales. Even if you’re standing across the room, you can ask “Alexa” anything from the weather report to who she thinks will win the Super Bowl. She’ll let you know her response in an instant.

Now watch the amazing Amazon Super Bowl ad and find out if Alexa knows how many Oscars Alec Baldwin has won…

Before they released the complete ad last year, Amazon released three teasers starring Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino. Watch the Amazon Super Bowl teasers here. (Rookie)

America’s leading apartment database,, created their first-ever Super Bowl commercial last year and they went big, with a 60-second slot dedicated to promoting the benefits of apartment living.

The 2016 Super Bowl commercial, titled “#MovinOnUp,” starred Lil’ Wayne, actor Jeff Goldblum and President George Washington. (Yes, you heard right.) Goldblum is back as the character Brad Bellflower, whom we met in previous advertisements. The advertisers released a bunch of teasers before to get us psyched for their Golden Game commercial debut and then finally revealed the big ad itself.

Watch the commercial here, which included a singing, flying Goldblum and a game of pick-up football with some unusual players:

Machine Zone (Mobile Strike)

Mobile game developer, Machine Zone was back for their second Super Bowl appearance last year. They solicited the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger to help them promote their game, Mobile Strike. In their Super Bowl 50 commercial, watch Arnold turn a rather ordinary elevator ride into something completely extraordinary.


Axe found such success in their ad campaign, “Find Your Magic,” that they decided to bring it to the 2016 Super Bowl. They purchased a 30-second spot and dedicated it to showing that being a real man can mean a whole lot of things. Here’s a 60-second version of the Axe Super Bowl 50 commercial:


With all those savings they claim to offer, T-Mobile must still be raking in the big bucks. They sponsored two ads in the Big Game last year. Just days before kickoff, they released one of the two T-Mobile Super Bowl 2016 commercials. The ad starred Blake and poked fun at “other carriers” who offer endless limitations and conditions on their service. Bring on the Bling!

The second T-Mobile Super Bowl 50 commercial featured a self-deprecating Steve Harvey and (as promised in their teaser) the color magenta.

Fitbit (Rookie)

Just days before the Big Game, with little fanfare and trumpets, FitBit released their complete Super Bowl commercial. The ad was meant to introduce the Fitbit Blaze. This is not just any watch – it’s for people who want to get fit, in style.

Watch the Fitbit Super Bowl 50 commercial:


What do you get when you cross the Colgate Super Bowl commercial with Transformers? Last year’s robot-razor ad for the New Schick Hydro Razor. The Schick Super Bowl 50 commercial featured a battle between an ordinary razor and the Schick one. Maybe Arnold should have done this ad instead of Mobile Strike


Advil promised to make headaches a distant memory in their Super Bowl commercial, but in all honesty we wish their lame ad was a distant memory. The ad was a bit of surprise during the Big Game. Advil had not announced their Big Game plans in advance, nor did they release any teasers.

Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC)

Between mouthfuls of chips and dip and gulps of Budweiser, did you ever think you’d be treated to a Super Bowl commercial about the awkward topic of opioid-induced constipation? Neither did we. When we saw the ad, the food almost came flying out of our mouths, unexpected that it was. But it certainly got people talking about this important topic. And for that, we give them credit.

Watch the ad here, preferably not while you’re eating.

Dollar Shave Club

Razor maker Schick had unexpected company during the 2016 Super Bowl. In an unannounced ad, Dollar Shave Club let us know that we don’t need to be rich to shave with new, sharp razor blades every single month. The Dollar Shave Club lets you sign up for affordable razor blades, shipped straight to your door for just a few bucks each month. The old razor character was completely foul, but the message was effectively delivered. I mean, we Googled them didn’t we?


In Super Bowl 50, Intel ran this pregame commercial called “Experience Amazing.” Set to the soundtrack of Beethoven’s Symphony #5, the ad showcased the advances that Intel has made in technology.

Feeling Thirsty?

Plenty of beverage companies jumped on board the Super Bowl 50 bandwagon. From tangy Mountain Dew and sweet Coca-Cola to the bubbles and fog that come with too many Bud Lights, here’s a look at the full bar of beverage choices that were paraded before us on Super Bowl Sunday.


No more puppies? That’s right. The big news this year is that neither of the two 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl commercials featured puppies. Why? Because despite their popularity, they don’t sell beer! Budweiser, in fact, went with an entirely different route.

The first 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial was a PSA against drunk driving, starring a very sharp-tongued Helen Mirren. The hashtag? #GiveADamn

Budweiser’s second 30-second spot was a hard-core spot starring the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Called #NotBackingDown, the ad hammered the message that Bud is “not to be sipped,” “not for everyone” and “not small.” They definitely seemed to be targeting the testosterone crowd.

Fun fact: This was the 27th Super Bowl appearance for the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Need one last puppy fix? Here’s Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII ad:

Bud Light

To no one’s surprise, Bud Light again advertised in the Super Bowl last year. To build hype for the Golden edition of the Big Game, they created collectible beer cans featuring the logos of every NFL team that has ever won the Super Bowl.

As far as their first ad was concerned, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen starred as running mates for the “Bud Light Party” in the 2016 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial.

Maybe these two shoulda gone head to head with Donald and Hillary?


(As) always, Coca-Cola advertised in the Super Bowl last year. The 2016 Coke Super Bowl commercial was part action film, part comedy and even a little sentimental. We can relate to the feeling that Hulk has in the ad when we’d be willing to do just about anything to get just a tiny sip of that sweet, fizzy beverage. Coca-Cola teamed up with Marvel comics to create some very cute mini-cans of Coca-Cola. 


In Super Bowl 50, Pepsi sponsored the famous Super Bowl halftime show for the fourth year in a row. British rock band, Coldplay headlined the show and (thankfully!) was joined on stage by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Pepsi also created one Super Bowl 50 commercial and it took us on a journey through the decades. Beginning in the 1960s, we watched Janelle Monáe move seamlessly through the decades as she danced to classics by The Contours, Madonna and more.  

Mountain Dew (KickStart)

For the first time since 2000, Mountain Dew purchased one golden ticket to the Big Game last year. But rather than featuring their classic lime-green beverage, they handed over the spot to their energy drink, Kickstart. The Mountain Dew Super Bowl 50 commercial, called #PuppyMonkeyBaby, was meant to show that even the strangest threesome combos are awesome. You know, like “dew, juice and caffeine” and puppies, monkeys and babies. Just like their bizarre teasers, the ad was wacky but a lot of fun. Watch it a few times – it keeps getting better!

But will this make you want to drink a KickStart?

Shock Top (Rookie)

Owned by Anheuser-Busch, Shock Top announced their debut purchase of one 30-second Super Bowl 50 ad. The craft, wheat beer who competes with Blue Moon (owned by Miller Coors) is known best for their fiesty, red-haired, loose-lipped logo. In honor of Shock Top’s first Super Bowl ad, the brewer paired up with comedian T.J. Miller to help them get the word out.

They released a 90-second, extended version of their Super Bowl ad on January 28th. As predicted, it featured Miller conversing with the beer brand’s iconic mascot.

Michelob Ultra

For the first time since 2010, Michelob Ultra tempted all the athletes out there with their light and tasty brew. Reminding us to breathe, the Michelob Super Bowl 2016 ad told us that Michelob isn’t for just anyone. This brew is blended for the hard core among us. And at just 95 calories, even the strictest training regiment can make room for a nice, cold one of these.

Bai (Rookie)

This may be the least famous brand that braved the Super Bowl stage last year, but the makers of this anti-oxidating drink hoped that after their Super Bowl ad, everyone in America would recognize their beverage. Bai is made from the coffee-fruit but has no caffeine. Instead, it boasts tons of antioxidants and just 5 calories. The 2016 Bai Super Bowl commercial was meant to promote the drink’s “None of this makes sense” campaign. Pretty fitting, given that spending $5 mil on this lame 30-second ad doesn’t quite make sense, does it?

Watch the 2016 Bai Super Bowl commercial:

Got the Munchies?

Food companies (especially junk food ones) always love to advertise on America’s biggest stage. And it’s no wonder why! The Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption! Here’s a look at what was on the ad menu for last year’s Super Bowl Sunday.


In honor of Super Bowl 50, the famous orange chip company held their 10th and final rendition of the Crash the Super Bowl contest. They once again invited fans across the world to create their own Super Bowl commercials and compete for a chance to win $1 million. Of the 3 finalists, two of the ads were aired during the Big Game. 

Peter Carstairs’ ad, called “Ultrasound,” was our favorite.

The second Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest winner was Jacob Chase. He created “Doritos Dogs.”

See all 3 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalists here.

Taco Bell

While their food may be Mexican, this very American brand purchased a 30-second ad spot in the first quarter of Super Bowl 50. They used the spot to hype up a brand new “surprise” menu item. While the fanfare was great, the ad itself wasn’t all that exciting. We still haven’t tasted the quesalupa, but we’ll admit the ad did make us a tad curious. (We weren’t among the Taco Bell fans who fell for the gimmick of pre-ordering the mystery item from Taco Bell’s very unusual website. That’s right, you could actually buy the item without having any clue what it is!)

Before the Big Game, the chain released three teasers to get us excited about the Taco Bell 2016 Super Bowl ad – and their new menu item.


Skittles was back in 2016 with a Big Game commercial starring Aerosmith’s own Steven Tyler. Rather than chowing down on the Skittles, however, Tyler had a sing-off with his very own self-portrait, made entirely out of the little rainbow colored candies. Creative, fun and delicious! We love it!

Meanwhile, the folks at Skittles were also very focused on the weather! They had NFL players Luke Kuechly and DeMarcus Ware taking over for weatherman and predicting the Game Day forecast.


Snickers had expectations high for their single, 30-seconds of ad time in Super Bowl 2016! It again used the tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” but this year the Snickers Super Bowl 50 ad brought Marilyn Monroe back from the past! The problem is, she was so hungry, she looked just a bit like Willem Dafoe. 

Avocados from Mexico

While they may be the healthiest Super Bowl advertiser, Avocados from Mexico is quickly positioning themselves as a Big Game regular. After all, what would a Super Bowl party be without a big bowl of guac? Last year, the company used their 30-seconds of airtime during the first commercial break of the game to remind us that avocados are “Always There,” available in your local supermarket, 365 days a year.

The thing is, they did it in one really strange Super Bowl commercial. The Avocados from Mexico commercial included a cameo from Happy Day’s star, Scott Baio, a scene with a Rubik’s Cube and some strange looking futuristic aliens. Spoiler alert: There’s even an alien murder.

Watch #AvosInSpace here and see if it inspires you to make some guacamole. Better yet, see if you can figure out what on earth (or in space) it has to do with avocados:


Butterfinger caught our attention early on with a big announcement about their participation in Super Bowl 50. Using the hashtag #BolderThanBold, the crunchy, sweet candy announced that they had purchased a 30-second ad during the 3rd quarter of the Big Game. Even more exciting is the fact that Armando Bo, co-writer of the movie “Birdman,” directed the spot!

As promised, their Super Bowl spot was “bold” and full of silly antics.


Heinz makes something other than ketchup? Who knew? Well – after the 2016 Heinz Super Bowl commercial, the famous tomato processors were hoping that everyone does! While Heinz sat out the two previous Super Bowls, they snatched up a 30-second ad spot in Super Bowl 50. And since Budweiser’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial had no puppies, Heinz decided to take up where they left off! Our favorite furry friends played a starring role in the ad!

Using the tagline #MeetTheKetchups, the Heinz Big Game ad was meant to introduce us to their full line of condiments. They did it in an ad that, while a bit strange, was also really quite lovable. Maybe its those cute puppies!

Jack in the Box

While you might expect fast food joints to make a run for the Super Bowl ad field, Jack in the Box was the first and only burger joint to confirm their participation in the 2016 Big Game ad game. (McDonald’s aired a surprise pre-game ad.)

The Jack in the Box 2016 Super Bowl ad was a parady of the Declaration of Independence. But instead of declaring freedom from tyranny, or from the UK, Jack in the Box made a very serious #DeclarationofDelicious. The ad came with a promise that the burger chain will use fresher, tastier ingredients! Now that’s something to wave our grand old flag about!


McDonald’s didn’t officially buy an ad spot during Super Bowl 50, but they did air this pre-game ad. They used their Super Bowl 2016 spot to let us know that Mickey D’s is now offering breakfast all day! Now that sounds like the perfect cure to any Super Bowl hangover!


Start Your Engines!

Fast moving and fierce, just like a football game! The Super Bowl is always ripe stomping grounds for car advertisers and last year was no exception. From luxury, high-end cars to family sedans, these automakers had something for everyone in the Big Game audience.

Buick (Rookie)

This is not your grandmother’s Buick. The American carmaker, owned by GM, used their first-ever Super Bowl commercial to attract a younger audience to their Cascada convertible. And in just 30-seconds, they managed to get the message across. Of course having Gaints’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and 24-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski by their side played a huge part! A fun ad that worked. 


Hyundai didn’t hold back when it came to investing in Super Bowl 50. In addition to being the official car and sponsors of the NFL, they created four Super Bowl commercials last year – two 30-second in-game ads, one 60-second pre-kickoff spot and one 60-second pre-game ad. What’s more – they hired four (yes, four!) world-class directors to help them create their Super Bowl 50 ads. It was all hands on deck for Peter Berg, Fredrik Bond, Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski. These aficionados were invited to create commercials highlighting the Hyundai Elantra and Genesis.

Hyundai created four teaser ads and pre-released all four of their complete commercials.

Hyundai’s first complete ad release was a 30-second nail-biter called “The Chase.” Directed by Aaron Stoller, it aired in the first quarter of the Big Game. Watch how the Hyundai Elantra saved these two hikers from being attacked (or hugged?) by two bears. Thank goodness for that cool “talk-start” feature!

The second complete ad release was a cute, clever ad that showed off one really impressive feature of the 2017 Elantra. Automatic emergency brakes that can detect pedestrians – now that’s a real life-saver! Watch the fun ad directed by Fredrik Berg. Called “Ryanville,” it starred eye candy, Ryan Reynolds as well as Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds. (Watch it and you’ll see what we mean.)

The third ad, called “First Date” starred Kevin Hart as a very, VERY overprotective father. Apparently, Hyundai’s new “Car Finder” feature was made just for dads like this.

The fourth Hyundai Super Bowl commercial was called “Better.” Directed by Fredrik Bond, it followed one boy who, rather than a heart, has a weird blue glowing engine. But apparently, this engine-heart drives him to be a really good guy…


Honda purchased a full minute of Super Bowl glory to show off their new 2017 Ridgeline truck and the fun commercial had us singing along! Who knew that sheep love Queen as much as do? The commercial aired during the third quarter when we were all good and liquored up. Perfect Karaoke timing!


After sitting on the sidelines since 2012, Acura rejoined the game last year. Their ad aired during the first quarter and was created to boost sales for the 2017 Acura NSX. Sadly, it doesn’t feature Jerry Seinfeld like the previous Acura Super Bowl commercial.

Instead, it was meant to display just how awesome their NSX model is. Not convinced?

Watch the extended version of their Game Day ad below:


There’s nothing Mini about the Big Game, except for that 30-second, third quarter commercial for the BMW Mini last year. This was their first Super Bowl commercial since 2011 and they used it to showcase the new design of the Mini Clubman, which they promise is actually big enough for your whole family.

The Mini 2016 Super Bowl commercial kicked off of a campaign to “Defy Labels” and they had an impressive team of athletes and celebrities on board to help them make sure the message was heard. Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, T-Pain, Randy Johnson (aka The Big Unit), Tony Hawk, Michael Whinnet, Michai Stephens and Hollywood actor Harvey Keitel all starred in the ad spot. Incidentally, they’ve all also owned a Mini somewhere along the way…

Watch the Mini Super Bowl 50 commercial here and be inspired!


While each of their six previous Super Bowl campaigns had been entirely unique, they have always been good. The Kia 2016 Super Bowl ad, featuring the Kia Optima was no different. It starred Christopher Walken – and a sock. Do we have your attention? 


Toyota dedicated their two Game Day ads last year to reminding us that the all-new 2016 Prius hybrid is the best car around.  The first ad, which was pre-released, was part of Toyota’s new ‘Comedy of Errors’ campaign. If dorky is your thing, it’ll have you running right over to your nearest Prius dealer.

Watch the extended version of the Toyota Prius Super Bowl 50 commercial, called “Heck on Wheels #GoPriusGo”

The second Toyota Super Bowl commercial, called “The Longest Chase,” aired during the two-minute warning of the first half. And just like that, the Toyota Prius became the coolest car on the road. A brilliant campaign, it made us all wish we had our very own hybrid.


After taking a year off from the Super Bowl game, Audi created a memorable 60-second commercial for Super Bowl 50. Called “The Commander,” the ad told the story of a former astronaut who has lost his will to live. That is, until he tries the Audi R8 and is transported back to the best moments of his life. Best of all, we hear David Bowie’s “Starman” in the background.

This is one for the record books.

Fiat Chrysler (Better known as Jeep)

Love surprises? Fiat-Chrysler purchased not one, but two ad spots in the 2016 Super Bowl and both were dedicated to showing off their Jeep, but no details were released before the Super Bowl itself. Making great use of their multi-million dollar ad buy, we were treated to these two Jeep Super Bowl commercials.


Increasingly, companies in the financial sector are showing up to the Big Game. Apparently they’ve realized two things: (1) Nearly every American is watching the Super Bowl. (2) Nearly every American worries about money in some way or another! Last year, the following companies offered advice about everything from how to do your taxes to where to open your savings account. 


In a contest reminiscent of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl campaign, Intuit decided to hand over their 30-second Super Bowl ad slot to one lucky small business. The contest, called “Small Business Big Game,” gave one of three finalists the chance to advertise their product on the biggest stage in the world. The finalists included Hubbies Shorts, Death Wish Coffee Company and Vidler’s 5 & 10. Ultimately, the coffee shop got to take home the (coffee) cake!

To wake you up from your Super Bowl hangover, check out their incredible 2016 Super Bowl commercial: 


TurboTax, best known for their easy-to-use online tax filing service, purchased a Super Bowl commercial for the third year in a row. The 30-second slot was brilliant and hilarious! The TurboTax Super Bowl 2016 commercial starred Sir Anthony Hopkins, promising us that he wasn’t a sell-out since he was only letting us know about a free product. And given his TurboTax slippers, mug and even dog, we totally believe him…

PayPal (Rookie)

Last year was been a big year for PayPal! They split with parent company, eBay, in July and now they’re braving the Super Bowl turf for the first time. But they have a clear plan in mind. In an unusual ad purchase of 45-seconds, the company used their breakout Super Bowl ad to show us that Old Money is a thing of the past and New Money is the wave of the future. What’s the “New Money in Town?” We’ll give you one guess.

SunTrust (Rookie)

After years of buying local ads during the Super Bowl, SunTrust decided it was time to debut in the Big Game itself. They purchased a 30-second ad that aired just before the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter during the CBS broadcast of the 2016 Super Bowl.

SunTrust’s excellent Super Bowl commercial was designed to secure trust among customers and “inspire people to take control over their finances.” In it, we were reminded that Americans of all shapes and sizes, ages and colors struggle with financial stress and worry. The SunTrust Super Bowl 2016 commercial promised that they can help us “take a deep breath” and find relief from financial concerns.

You can see the 60-second version of the ad here:

SoFi (Rookie)

A startup based in Silicon Valley, SoFi (aka Social Finance Inc.) used their Super Bowl 2016 ad debut to spread the message that they offer “great loans for great people.” As a lending institution, SoFi differs from traditional lenders because they don’t look at FICO scores and instead consider factors such as an individual’s merit and employment history. The football newbies took a gamble on their Super Bowl 50 ad spend, investing a whopping 20% of their annual advertising budget on their Game Day ad. Their goal was simple: to raise brand awareness and increase their clientele.

Watch the SoFi 2016 Super Bowl commercial:

Quicken Loans (Rookie)

Is getting a mortgage for a new home as easy as ordering takeout for dinner? It could be! Super Bowl rookie advertisers, Quicken Loans, created a smart, convincing 60-second slot from CBS to let the public know about Rocket Mortgage, their online mortgage service. The goal was to show how easy it can be to get a mortgage with Quicken. “Push Button. Get Mortgage.”


Esurance waited until the last minute to announce their plans to advertise in Super Bowl 50, but when they did – they went big. How big? How does $1 million sound! The insurance company decided to “pass on savings to us” with a Super Bowl-sized giveaway.

Watch the eSurance 2016 Super Bowl commercial, featuring a voice over by John Krasinski:

Still reading? We’re impressed.

If you’re this much of a Super Bowl junkie, you might want to check out all the Super Bowl XLIX commercials.