The Battle of Evony Commercial 2017

Mobile video game company Top Games USA Inc. is joining this year’s Super Bowl 2017 advertisers with their first ever Game Day ad. The company, best known among smartphone gamers for Evony: The King’s Return, will run their 30-second spot during the third quarter of the game.

Here is the extended version of their self-produced ad promoting “Evony: The King’s Return”

We’re highly impressed with this rookie ad and think the beautiful scenery and nod to history may well get a few non-gamers to download the app and try their hand at leading a kingdom. In fact, leading up to Game Day, we thought this was one of the Best Super Bowl ads of 2017!

Why Did Top Games Go to the Big Game?

Speaking about their Super Bowl ad buy, Top Games CEO Lu Lu said: “The Big Game is the ultimate test of today’s warriors so it is a fitting place for us to reintroduce our free-to-play strategy game to the world. Having such spectacular talent literally leading the charge will help drive interest in our new title.”

Top Games has chosen to work with Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners on the creative for the ad. That’s the same agency on creative that previously did the 2016 Mini Super Bowl commercial, among others.

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Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

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