Bai Commercial 2017

What could be better than Justin Timberlake starring in a Super Bowl commercial? How about Timberlake starring in the Bai Super Bowl 2017 commercial that promotes healthy beverages with powerful antioxidant goodness? And what if he is joined by Christopher Walken? And what if Walken is filmed reciting the lyrics to N-Sync’s song #BaiBaiBai!

Well, you guessed right…that was just what Bai had in store for their Super Bowl ad this year!

Here was JJ before the game, celebrating his birthday with a glass of Bai and generating hype for the Big Game ad:

After a successful regional commercial during the 2016 Big Game, Bai returned to the Big Game with a 30-second ad for the second year running.

Timberlake gets creative!

As well as starring in the ad, Timberlake, was more creatively involved than you may think. Earlier this year, the pop star joined the beverage company as the official C “F” O – the Chief Flavors Officer. He’s not only involved in flavor innovation and product launches but also marketing campaigns and digital content – go Timber! The pop star also worked closely with the in-house creative team led by Chief Creative Officer, Chad Portas, to work on a concept for the Super Bowl LI ad spot.

Here’s a look back at Timber’s cameo Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi back in 2008:

He was also involved in the notorious “wardrobe malfunction” incident with Janet Jackson during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl.

None of this makes sense!

Last year, the quirkily-marketed brand grabbed the attention of the nation with their Gangsta horse whisper commercial. Sounds nonsensical? That’s exactly what they were going for.

What’s Bai?

Bai is a healthy beverage made from the fruit of a coffee plant. Bai prides itself on being low-calorie, loaded with antioxidants and caffeine-free. What’s more – they promise us it tastes so good! (We have yet to try the drinks ourselves, but let us know what you think.) As for antioxidants, they have many purported benefits such as helping our bodies tackle cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cataracts and more.

Super Bowl ads experience



In-house creative led by Chad Portas

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