KFC Commercial 2017

One Finger Lickin’ Good company has made its way onto the Rookie Super Bowl ad roster! You guessed it, Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, has decided that 2017 is the year to debut at the Big Game. The news comes just days after Wendy’s fast food chain announced the launch of its first Super Bowl 2017 commercial, too.

For the occasion, KFC has purchased a 15-second ad spot that will air during the fourth-quarter of the Big Game. Though this will be the first time that KFC has an official Super Bowl spot, last year, KFC did, in fact, run a 30-second pre-game commercial and in-game ad during the CBS live stream of Super Bowl 50.

So what can we expect from the KFC Super Bowl LI debut?

May the best colonel win! KFC has two colonels busy competing for the ultimate Colonel Sander’s moment –  under the Super Bowl spotlight. One is very gold – 100% gold – and shiny; the other, is, well, the regular colonel. From arm wrestling and rock-paper-scissors to a brief exchange of words and more, there can only be one winner of the Georgia Gold Big Game Commercial. The ad will star Billy Zane and Rob Riggle, both playing Colonels.

Watch the 15-second ad spot here:

Teaser #1 – Arm Wrestling

Teaser #2 – Real Colonel

Teaser #3 – Rock Paper Scissors

Teaser #4 – Success

Too much GOLD? Here’s what happen’s when Colonel Sanders pledges allegiance to “The Flag”

And, here’s the infamous Colonel Sanders Story:

Super Bowl ads experience:



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