Previous Bai Campaigns

This is the second time we’re being treated to a Bai Super Bowl commercial, but this season the company has gone for a bigger-is-better approach. As part of their new campaign, Bai has called on Pop sensation Justin Timberlake and a “surprise special guest” to feature in their Super Bowl 2017 ad. The new ad challenges its modest “None of this Makes Sense” commercial aired on local TV stations, with a more lavish national approach.

Bai Super Bowl 50

Last year, Bai decided to join the ranks with the other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers. For their debut spot in the Big Game, Bai purchased a 30-second Super Bowl 50 commercial and hired agency Barton F. Graf to help them dream up the perfect ad. Their hope? To become a well-known product and a household name in America.

Watch the complete Bai Super Bowl 2016 commercial here:

The Bai Super Bowl ad was created to promote the company’s “None of This Makes Sense” campaign which was launched in 2015. (And indeed, it doesn’t quite make sense that a relatively small company would invest $5 million in a pretty lame Super Bowl commercial.) But the ad was meant to confront the question: How can a drink that is healthy and low in calories possibly taste so good? 

Bai’s Chief Creative Officer, Chad Portas, stated that he wanted to use Super Bowl 50 to give fans a sneak peek into what the company makes and what makes it so different from any other beverage on the market. As promised, the ad included some absurdist humor to help promote the product and to underscore the fact that sometimes – nothing makes sense at all.

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