Sprint Commercial 2018

The telecommunications giant returns to the Big Game for the 6th time, once again taking aim at industry competitors Verizon. Last year’s Super Bowl commercial introduced us to a desperate dad who went to great lengths to escape from the rival mobile company – and this year Sprint doesn’t pull any punches either.

“Evelyn” is due to air in the first quarter of the game and depicts an AI named robot by the same name ridiculing her maker for still being a Verizon customer.  The message being – if super-smart artificial intelligence feels this way – we definitely should.

Watch the Sprint Super Bowl commercial – ‘Do The Match and Switch to Sprint’ here:

The company’s latest Super Bowl efforts also included two 15-second teasers where we see Evelyn practicing the art of selfies. They both conclude with the following message: “See what else she’s learned. 02.04.18.”

Here they are:

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Droga 5

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