The Daily Dose: Tom Brady Is Epic On And Off The Field

Intel Super Bowl commercial 2017 Tom Brady

It’s been a quiet weekend so far – not much news in Super Bowl commercial land. Meanwhile, we’re still pumped from Intel’s EPIC announcement last week. 

Intel: Bringing You More Brady

Betting is closed! One way or another, you’re going to see Tom Brady at the Super Bowl this season – and to our joy, from many angles. The Patriots’ QB has joined forces with world-renowned tech brand Intel, for their first Super Bowl commercial since 2010.

How do we know? This amazing teaser:

Promoting 360 replay technology that will be featured in the Big Game, Intel has managed to make the most mundane early morning rituals, look epic on Brady – waking up, brushing his teeth and eating a pancake.

Though Intel’s sneak peek into Brady’s world is what the world’s been waiting for. We can’t help but wonder if life really is that simple for the NFL record-breaker. He is, after all, married to the world’s highest paid supermodel Gisele and has a strict plant-based diet, has his own personal chef. (We do hope that was an organic whole wheat pancake you’ve got Brady munching on there!)

Remember When Brett Favre Starred in a Wix Commercial?

The last time a brand showed us really what it’s like to be a football player was when website builders, Wix, launched their 2015 Super Bowl commercial starring NFL greats Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris. The 30-second ad gave us a look into the personal lives of the players post-football career. The Big Q being: What should they do with their retirement?

Here are some of the genius business ideas the boys came up with:

Speaking of Brady…

We still think the best ever Snickers Super Bowl commercial was the one that featured the BRADY Bunch, not to mention Steve Buscemi…

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