Previous Campaigns

The 2016 Wix Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, in their second Big Game appearance, website builder partnered with DreamWorks Animation to create their Super Bowl 50 ad campaign. In fact, the ad became the most-watched online commercial of Super Bowl 50 — a claim-to-fame that Wix managed to snag for two years in a row!

Building on Their Rookie Super Bowl Success

It came as no surprise that Wix chose to return to the Super Bowl stage in 2016. Their 2015 ad, #ItsThatEasy, was viewed by more than 114 million people during the Big Game and over 300 million people engaged with their diverse, multimedia campaign which included 50 pieces of online content on 16 different social accounts. According to Chief Marketing Officer, Omer Shai, “We’re really happy with what we achieved last year—we did a great campaign, not just a spot. This year was almost a no-brainer.”

Under the hashtag #StartStunning, the 30-second ad built hype for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3 and highlighted how easy it is to build a beautiful website using Wix.

You can watch the full Wix Super Bowl 50 ad here:

Wix Teased Us Too!

Before releasing their complete Super Bowl commercial last year, Wix teased us with a series of four great clips. In each teaser, Po or one of his Kung Fu fighting friends was trying out some extreme measures to get the word out about Po’s father’s noodle business. Each time, they were ultimately reminded by the wise Master Shifu that every business should start with a stunning Wix website.

The company released their first teaser (and the first teaser of Super Bowl 50!) on January 13, 2016.

In the second teaser, we almost went deaf from hearing Po try and spread the word about Mr. Ping’s. Thank goodness Master Shifu came to the rescue!

In another fabulous Super Bowl teaser, Po imagined that a halftime sponsorship will be the best way to make sure that the whole world knows about his father’s noodle shop. Master Shifu, ever-wise, again recommended he start with a website.

The fourth Wix teaser had Mantis on board trying to attract business to the noodle shop by doing acrobatics with a sign. “Start with a stunning website!” he was told. And then he promptly got crushed by an oblivious Po…

In addition to four teasers, created an interactive, online hub for all their Super Bowl 50 fans.

The 2015 Wix Super Bowl Commercial

2015 was the website builder‘s rookie appearance in the Super Bowl and by all accounts, they nailed it big time with their debut performance. (See why we think it was the best Super Bowl commercial of 2015.)

Wix’s ad in 2015 was a 30-second spot that aired during the nail-biting fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX. The star-studded commercial featured NFL greats Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris. But these guys weren’t playing any football!

In the genius ad campaign, Wix let us in on what each of these players are up to in their post-football careers. Turns out, they had each started their very own (and very creative) small businesses! And what does every small business need to succeed? A Wix Website, of course!

Each of the legendary NFLers created their own website for their new business where you could interact with the players, win prizes and buy some fun products online from their sites. 

Is it Really That Easy to Build a Website?

The core message of the 2015 Wix Super Bowl campaign was to demonstrate how easy it is to create a website for your own business. Wix promoted the campaign on social media with hashtag #ItsThatEasy

We can’t wait to see what the creative geniuses over at Wix will come up with for their Super Bowl LI commercial! With Gal Gadot and Jason Statham starring, it is bound to be fantastic!