The Daily Dose: 6 New Super Bowl Ad Teasers + 2 Rookie Brands!

Super Bowl 2017 Commercial and Snickers Daily Dose 24 Jan

Teasers, teasers and more teasers. That’s what Monday was all about. We’ve got more from the gorgeous Gal Gadot for Wix, Melissa McCarthy for Kia, Jon Lovitz for Avocados From Mexico and a grimy Mr. Clean.

This is your daily dose of all the latest Super Bowl 2017 commercial news.

Gal Gadot In A Disruptive World is rolling out its Super Bowl 2017 teaser clips as Game Day draws closer. Following on from the release of their action-packed Super Bowl ad, there is  now a new short teaser in the website builders ‘To Succeed in a Disruptive World’ campaign.

Gal Gadot has started to tell her side of the action story on her Facebook page. For her first encounter with Chef Felix, Gadot reveals that she takes her ‘steak-knife’ wherever she goes. She posted the following video along with the line:

“Come on Chef Felix! I used steak knives like yours for my tea parties when I was 7. Watch me in the new Big Game teaser. Things are getting real!”

Come on Chef Felix! I used steak knives like yours for my tea parties when I was 7.Watch me in the new Big Game teaser. Things are getting real!

Posted by Gal Gadot on Monday, January 23, 2017

We are excited to see what else Wix will release!

Skittles Keeps The Romance Alive

Who says romance is dead? Definitely not Skittles. Or Katie. Or her whole family. Or their unlikely guests. Ready to romance the rainbow, Skittles has released their fun 30-second Super Bowl LI commercial ahead of the big game.

Mr. Clean Gets Dirrrty

Does anyone remember the controversial and naughty Mr. Clean ad? Now, it’s time to meet dirty Mr. Clean. The household cleaning brand has released a 10-second teaser ahead of its Super Bowl 2017 commercial and it looks, well, a little bit dirty. They even describe it so: “Mr. Clean does it in every room of the house and he’s got a sexy new Super Bowl commercial to prove it!” These Big Game first-timers are out to make an impact.

You be the judge:

Avocados From Mexico Will Hypnotize You

If you’re easily hypnotized, look away now! Avocados From Mexico has snagged former SNL cast member and actor Jon Lovitz to put you in an avocado-eating trance. So, even if you aren’t sure about the green, creamy fruit, this will surely change your mind – particularly if you’re a suburban mom or hipster!

This year, the Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 2017 commercial will run during the first quarter of the Big Game, with a 30-second ad slot. Check out their brand new teaser:

True or false? If you don’t like avocados people look at you like you’re an alien?

Kia Finds Melissa McCarthy On The Run

Teaser alert – 3 great teasers are out ahead of the main Kia Super Bowl LI commercial. In the latest clip, entitled “Run,” we see actress Melissa McCarthy dressed in Safari gear, running for the hills and away from…We’ll have to wait until the 3rd quarter of the Big Game to find out!

The Kia Super Bowl LI ad will focus on the new hybrid crossover, the Kia Niro. It marks the automakers 8th consecutive year advertising in the Big Game.

Teaser #1: “Run”

Teaser #2: “Many Names”

Teaser #3: “Needs and Wants”

Yellow Tail Wine Takes A Rookie Spot

For the first time in four decades, we will see a wine brand in the Super Bowl ad game. Australia’s largest winemakers, Yellow Tail, have finally secured a 30-second advertising spot. This is a big feat for the brand as Anheuser-Busch holds exclusive rights to advertising when it comes to alcohol. Because of this, Yellow Tail will only advertise regionally. To reach as many viewers as possible, they have purchased regional air time to reach 85% of Super Bowl viewers on February 5th, 2017.

The ad will feature the dynamic duo, The Yellow Tail Guy and his pal Roo, in their new campaign that promises to “bring the fun to Big Game parties across the country.” As we wait for the release of the Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial, here’s a look at another ad they have done:

PepsiCo Announces LIFEWTR Super Bowl Ad

This year PepsiCo will push its ‘premium’ bottled water LIFEWTR in a Super Bowl 2017 commercial. The 30-second spot introduces Pepsi’s answer to rivals Coca-Cola’s Smartwater.  What’s interesting about this water is the bottle it comes in. LIFEWTR exists as a canvas for artists worldwide, showcasing their art on every bottle.

Here’s artist Jason Woodside’s Story.

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