Wix Releases SB Commercial Creative: Gal Gadot and Jason Statham Get “Disruptive”

Wix Super Bowl Commercial Gal Gadot Jason Statham

Super Bowl commercial history has been made!

For the first time ever, a Super Bowl campaign has been unveiled via Facebook (and YouTube) Live. That’s right, in front of a live audience, those creative cats over at Wix.com released the concept of their Big Game ad while thousands of fans tuned in on Facebook and YouTube.

And what a clip it is:

If you missed the live Wix broadcast, you can still watch it here on Facebook.

Expectations were high, since the past two Wix Super Bowl commercials had been among the best in the ad game. But for the third year in a row, this brand is showing up for the Big Game with amazing creative for the Wix Super Bowl commercial

The clip they released stars Israeli hottie Gal Gadot and Brit stud Jason Statham as two very disruptive clients in a French restaurant. The owner, a gentle-looking man named Felix, is busy building a website when he suddenly discovers that his entire restaurant has been blown to smithereens. Quick on his feet and ever-pragmatic, Felix quickly makes lemonade from lemons and changes his business to a food truck, serving up “Gourmet To Go.”

Wix promises that this action-packed video is not the be-all and end-all of their campaign. On their blog they wrote, “This is just the beginning of Felix’s story. Stay tuned to see the next part of this awesome adventure as Game Day approaches.”

We can’t wait to see what else Wix has in store, because if Gal and Jason are involved, it can only be hot!

Wix Has Jason, Gal and a Whole Lotta Cash

In addition to sharing this action-packed ad, Wix also announced a very cool contest where you can win up to 50K  simply by making this image of Felix your Facebook profile picture. 

Wix Felix Super Bowl Image

That’s the news for now, but we’ll be updating you as more teasers, ads and commercial announcements come out from Wix!

Previous Wix Super Bowl Commercials

As we wait for more releases from Wix, let’s take a look back at previous Wix Super Bowl commercials:

Wix 2016 Super Bowl Ad

Last year, Wix.com partnered with DreamWorks Animation to create their Super Bowl 50 ad which starred the much-loved characters of Kung Fu Panda. Under the hashtag #StartStunning, the 30-second ad built hype for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3 and highlighted how easy it is to build a beautiful website using Wix.

The amazing ad managed to help Wix score the most-viewed Super Bowl commercial of 2016. The brand was incredibly talented at using social media tools to engage a wide audience and they managed to pick up an unprecedented 36.5 million views! This year’s strategy of using Facebook Live and YouTube Live just further underscores the fact that Wix is definitely cutting-edge when it comes to technology.

Wix 2015 Super Bowl Ad

Wix came to the Super Bowl XLIX as rookies and at the time the brand was far less known among Americans. But they created an unforgettable ad that aired at the perfect moment, during the climactic fourth quarter of the game. The Wix commercial starred Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris, 5 former NFL superstars who had all launched new careers in their retirement. And as any small business owner knows, they need a Wix website!

What else will Wix release in the coming weeks? Stay tuned to find out!

Meanwhile, enjoy a look back at the best Super Bowl commercials of all time!