The Top 7 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Did We Say Sexiest? We Meant Sexist…

Sex sells – and companies have been using the allure of sex to market their products for years. The Super Bowl, of course, is not immune to this tactic. But the challenge for advertisers on Game Day is to create sexy commercials that are still family-friendly enough to be played before all of America without offending. Some have succeeded really well. The very PG Diet Pepsi ad featuring Cindy Crawford from 1992 is still considered legendary (and everyone kept their clothes on!) But other companies have pushed the limits of what Americans consider acceptable for Prime Time viewing. Not that getting your commercial banned is necessarily a bad thing. Just ask the folks over at GoDaddy – they’ve made it a tradition to create commercials too racy to air!

Who has done the best job of using sex to sell in their Super Bowl commercials? Let’s take a look! (You know you wanna!)


7. Bud Light Commercial “Yoga” (2011)

The commercial opens with a pan shot of a room full of women’s butts. And it only gets better from there. We find ourselves watching a yoga class and we meet the two guys sitting in the back of of the studio “enjoying” the class while they toss back a few Bud Lights. See what happens when the instructor realizes that these guys didn’t come to class for the physical work out.


6. Carl’s Jr. Banned “All Natural” Ad featuring Charlotte McKinney (2015)

Much to our collective disappointment, this hot commercial was banned from last year’s game for being too racy. Yet somehow, even without airing during the Big Game itself, Carl’s Jr. managed to pick up more than 12 million views on YouTube. Man are we predictable when it comes to the things America loves the most – hamburgers, buns and boobs.


5. Teleflora Commercial featuring Adriana Lima (2012)

This 30 second clip must have sent a whole lot of guys running for their phones to order flowers. The question is – did they send them to their girlfriends or to Adriana Lima?


4. Skechers Commercial featuring Kim Kardashian (2011)

Kim Kardashian breaks up with her personal trainer, replacing him with a new pair of Skechers Shape-ups. Oh – did you miss that this was about shoes? Maybe you were too busy staring at all of those muscles and curves. The commercial ends with Kardashian offering a lucky guy that infamous pick up line, “Nice shoes….


3. PETA’s Banned Commercial “Veggie Love” (2009)

This 2009 commercial made broccoli look so sexy that it was actually banned from being airing during the Super Bowl. PETA, who has long made it a tradition to cause a commotion, claims that, “studies show that vegetarians have better sex.”  Meanwhile, on screen, a sexy woman gets naughty with vegetables. Asparagus never had it so good.


2. GoDaddy’s Banned Commercial (2007)

Um, yeah. There is a reason this was banned. More porn, than commercial, it’s 30 seconds of a very scantily clad and genetically implausible woman seducing audiences. It’s really not clear what this has to do with websites, but we’re not sure we want to know.


1. GoDaddy’s Commercial “Broadcast Hearing” (2005)

Watch as GoDaddy’s favorite actress once again flaunts herself on screen. This time, she is testifying before a panel of judges while her wardrobe malfunctions almost as badly as Janet Jackson’s did back in Super Bowl 2004.

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