Po Reveals His First Big Game Commercial! Don’t Miss The Stunning Wix Super Bowl Ad

Wix Full 2016 Kung Fu Panda Super Bowl Commercial

Be Among the First to See the Complete Wix.com Super Bowl 50 Ad

Wix.com presents the full-length version of their 2016 Super Bowl commercial, starring the fun-loving, fierce-fighting cast of Kung Fu Panda! As in the Wix Super Bowl teaser ads, Po is trying to think of creative ways to drum up business at his father’s restaurant, Mr. Ping’s Noodles. And he’s willing to go to the extreme!

In the Wix 2016 Super Bowl commercial, however, Po isn’t skydiving or shouting on a megaphone. Instead, the affable panda decides the restaurant needs “a big commercial.”

Together with the Furious Five, Po brainstorms ideas for their commercial while conjuring up funny references to some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. Can they mimic the “Bud – Wei – Ser” frogs? Can Po do sexy like Isaiah Mustafa in the Old Spice commercial?

In the end, Master Shifu comes to the rescue with some sage advice: To increase business at Mr. Ping’s Noodles, Po should start by building his dad a stunning website. (Check out the campaign hashtag #StartStunning!)

The commercial ends with a clear invitation to try out Wix: “Create your stunning website today: It’s easy & free!” Heck, why not?

The Partnership Behind This Fabulous Ad

For their second Super Bowl commercial, Wix.com chose an unconventional route, teaming up with Dreamworks Animation to create the ad. Rather than hiring an ad agency, Wix and Dreamworks created a Super Bowl commercial that at once touts the benefits of the stunning website builder and promotes the recent release of Kung Fu Panda 3.  Now that’s a win win!

In addition to the Game Day ad itself, Wix.com created a series of teasers to generate interest in advance of the Big Game. Their first teaser, featuring a fumbling Po projecting himself through the sky, managed to rack up 5.6 million views on YouTube and received a lot of press hailing it as one of the best teasers of the Super Bowl 2016 ad race.

Each of the four Wix teasers is unique, clever and full of our favorite, funny Kung Fu friends. Wix is also running a strong campaign on social media and has set up a Super Bowl hub website where you can watch their Super Bowl commercial and teasers, find your Career Path in a fun quiz, win prizes and more.

Here’s one of the Wix Tweets, starring Mei Mei.

What Did Wix Do in Previous Super Bowl Games?

This is the second year in a row that Wix.com is advertising in the Super Bowl. Last year, in the first-ever Wix Super Bowl commercial, the website builder made a huge splash with an ad that aired during the peak of the action, after the two minute warning in the fourth quarter.

The ad starred NFL greats Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris, plus a cameo from Rex Lee! But these guys weren’t playing football. Instead, each of the former NFL players was starting their own very unique business. The first step to getting their creative enterprises off the ground? To build a Wix website, of course!

Want to try your own hand at website building? Check out Wix.com!