The 6 Best Super Bowl Ads Featuring Animals

The 6 Best Super Bowl Ads Featuring Animals

Otherwise Known As Beer Commercials

Why is it that beer companies love using animals in their commercials? How many of your pets enjoy a brew every now and then? And what do Clydesdales have to do with Budweiser anyway? Whatever the reason – it works! Some of the most successful Super Bowl commercials of all time have featured animals. No matter how cliche, it seems we’re suckers for all things cute and cuddly, with fur.

Oddly, last year’s roster was somewhat lacking in the animal department. We’re hoping that advertisers bring back some of our furry friends in honor of the 2016 Super Bowl!

Without further ado, here are some of the all time best Super Bowl commercials featuring animals:

6. Budweiser “Lost Dog” (2015)

Budweiser’s #BestBuds spot was one of the few 2015 Super Bowl commercials to star an animal. Bud usually does a good job with their animal ads and last year’s spot was one of the best. An adorable puppy gets lost on a dark, rainy night, but the majestic Clydesdales make their move to save the day. Sappy? Yes. Unforgettable? You bet!

5. Budweiser Frogs (1995)

For decades, Budweiser has been consistently producing some of the best Super Bowl commercials. While frogs aren’t usually cute and cuddly (unless they’re named Kermit), the three croaking toads in this classic Budweiser ad are still loved across the world. Remember “Bud,” “Weis” and “Er” – the famous crooning frogs that sang out into the night back in 1995, longing for a beer?

4. Pedigree “Get a Dog!” (2009)

Dog food maker Pedigree used this cute 2009 Super Bowl commercial to encourage everyone to adopt a new puppy. After all, each new dog owner is another potential customer. So what was their unique approach? This gentle reminder that dogs make far better pets the ostriches, pigs and bulls. We couldn’t agree more!

3. FedEx “Carrier Pigeons” (2008)

These futuristic carrier pigeons seem like a great idea until things go awry. As giant, GPS-equipped birds threaten to destroy a city, FedEx makes a solid case that we should stick to their more traditional delivery service. It’s probably a good idea, if for no other reason than the fact that all those pigeons would make for quite a lot of bird poo!

2. Budweiser “Zebra” (2004)

Man don’t you just hate when the referee is a jackass? I mean, what’s worse than that? Just see what happens when he’s a zebra instead…

1. Bridgestone Tires “Squirrel” (2008)

We’ve all seen roadkill and unfortunately many of us have been the perpetrators. But as sad as we may feel when we see another deer, squirrel or chipmunk sacrificed to our highways, how often do we put ourselves in their paws? In this clever 2008 Super Bowl commercial, Bridgestone shows us how these poor little animals feel when they come face to face with an approaching vehicle. The message? It’s wise to have the best tires on your car, (read: Bridgestone) if you want to avoid being the next killer.


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