Did You Know…? 25 Fun Facts About San Francisco, Home Digs For Super Bowl 50

San Francisco Facts

The 2016 Super Bowl will be played in Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara, CA located just 40 miles south of San Francisco. But how much do you know about this amazing part of the country? Sure, you’ve heard of the Golden Gate bridge, but there’s much more than that to California’s 4th largest city and the surrounding Bay Area! The lucky hosting city of Super Bowl 50 is full of history, culture and beauty.

With less than a month to Game Day, finding a hotel room in SF may already next to impossible, but if you are headed out to the City by the Bay, here are…

25 Fun Facts About San Francisco:

    1. San Francisco was originally called “Yerba Buena,” a Spanish name meaning “good herb” or “good grass.” Now how appropriate is that? smoking weed in san francisco
    2. SF likes historic moments and not just sports ones. The Beatles performed their final concert on August 29, 1966 in the City of Love.
    3. Who needs a beer when you can drink San Francisco’s finest tap water from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir? The water is 85 percent “pure snow-melt” and comes right from Yosemite national park. (It’s also the reason why local craft beer is so tasty) 
    4. Sorry Super Bowl fans, but September is the hottest month of the year in the Bay Area. Looks like you might just need to wear those sweats to the Big Game after all. (Or at least warm up with some Game Day cocktails!)
    5. “Man’s best friend” is taken to a whole new level in SF with the high dog-to-child ratio! They may not be anything like Budweiser’s “Lost Dog,” but if you’re looking for a #BestBud, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.
    6. In San Francisco, how you give directions is an indication of where you’re from. Whether you’re from northern California, southern California or right in the Bay area, make sure to learn how to give directions before you try and find Levi’s stadium.
    7. A cup of freshly roasted coffee will win over their hearts. (Maybe one of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game finalists, Death Wish Coffee should consider opening a joint in the city center…)
    8. Budweiser‘s famous Clydesdales will be paying a visit to Anheuser-Busch’s Fairfield Brewery for Super Bowl 50, and they’re inviting guests for a visit between February 4 and the 14th. (Kind of like they paid a visit to Chicago in Budweiser’s “Clydesdales Brotherhood” Super Bowl XLVII commercial.)
    9. San Francisco’s Alcatraz federal prison is the only one that offered hot water in its showers to “prevent prisoners from acclimating to the cold temperatures…if they tried to escape”–maybe if they had some Bud Light oozing out of the showers, the prisoners would have no reason to escape… !BUDLIGHT super bowl commercial 2016
    10. The 1860’s was a trademark for two stray dogs that “became local celebrities”– but nothing screams celebrity like Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” who’s being replaced at this year’s Big Game.
    11. It’s considered to be the city of billionaires–and with these brand names dishing out the big bucks for some air time at the big game, we are starting to understand why..
    12. Every home run made by the Giants is celebrated with a blast from a foghorn! Now how quintessentially San Francisco is that? Fog horn
    13. San Francisco’s cable cars are a National Historic Landmark,even if they do only travel nine miles per hour. (You are probably better off cruising to Levi’s stadium in one of these 5 fast and furious auto alternatives.)
      San Francisco Cable Car
    14. San Francisco’s is home to some of the nation’s most famous people. And did you know  that Joe Di Maggio and Marilyn Monroe even married at City Hall?  san francisco city hall
    15. San Francisco is the fourth largest city in California. As of 2004, the city had a population of 852,469 inhabitants. (Wowza! That’s a whole lot more than the number of seats at Levi’s stadium!)
    16. It’s officially forbidden to use your used underwear to wash your car. (And with all that Game Day booze chugging, there’s a good chance we might actually have to do some shopping for – ehem – new underwear…) 
    17. Apparently, beating a rug clean outside your home is illegal in San Francisco. But, what about our WeatherTech car mat? (That might actually be the one thing we really won’t be able to do with that floor mat, unless…do we dare?)
      WeatherTech super bowl commercial 2016
    18. The city put in place “a ban on toy giveaways with children’s meals at fast-food restaurants unless the meal meets San Francisco’s strict nutritional standards.” Let’s just hope the winner of McDonald’s “Game Time Gold” sweepstakes won’t be presented with a kid’s meal toy, or else they’ll be royally screwed.
    19. California’s state flag has a bear that is modeled after a California grizzly named Monarch, who was held at Golden Gate Park. Could Monarch star in the next Super Bowl commercial – and if so – what brand would he support? California state flag 
    20. San Francisco’s first TV image was transmitted on September 7, 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Well, they’re definitely in for an exciting visual experience with LG’s new OLED TV flat screen technology…(if they haven’t experienced it already)
      LG Super Bowl Commercial 50 2016
    21. In 2012, the city hosted 16.5 million visitors, coming out to a number that’s significantly lower than the 114.4 viewers that tuned into last year’s Super Bowl game.
    22. San Francisco’s hotel prices per night are expected to climb to $242 this year, while Super Bowl 50 tickets, have also seen an increase from last year’s Game Day prices.
    23. The dress code in San Francisco is pretty casual, but rather unique and include “a lot of expensive denim, clashing prints, and…some sequins and feathers, too.” So if you’re looking to go the extra mile for that Super Bowl party you’ve got planned, make sure to at least rock out with some local San Franciscan attire.
    24. San Franciscan resident, Joshua Abraham Norton, “self declared himself the Emperor of the United States in 1859 and everyone just went with it.” (Kind of like they went with Katy Perry’s left shark during last year’s halftime show….) Katy Perry Super Bowl XLIX Half Time Show
    25. San Francisco is known for the Peregrine Falcons that live in the city’s Financial district. These fiesty birds might not be able to kick Kung Fu Panda Po’s ass but we bet they could win in a battle against Master Crane!)Falcon v The Master Crane from Kung Fu Panda

Not going to be able to make it out to San Francisco for Game Day?

Fret not! We, too, will be watching the Pacific skyline (and the Big Game) from the comfort of our own couch. Tune in to CBS at 6:30pm on February 7th. And just to make sure you’re 100% prepared for this year’s game, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Super Bowl 50 advertisers.