The Daily Dose: Man Vs. Machine & Montana

Super Bowl commercials Daily Dose_23Jan2017

The competing Super Bowl LI teams have been determined.

In just under two weeks the Patriots will face the Falcons for the Super Bowl 2017 title and the famous Lombardi trophy. Now, you can shift your focus to preparing for your Super Bowl party and waiting for the greatest ads in the world to roll on out.

We’ve already have some teasers, ads and extended cuts ready for your viewing.

On this January Monday morning, here’s the latest in Super Bowl LI commercial news…

Man vs. Machine: Lexus Shows Us What Real Cars Are Made Of

Lexus says their car has “the power to make you feel.”

The luxury automakers have officially lifted the roof on the all-new 2017 Lexus Super Bowl commercial with the release of their extended cut. Dancer Charles Lil’ Buck Riley has been cast as the man who dances against the machine, while actress Minnie Driver narrates: “Machines don’t have emotions, but the rare few can inspire them.”

Watch the extended cut below:

Lexus has bought a 30-second spot that will air during the Big Game. The commercial will promote the new Lexus LC 500 coupe and its LS 500 luxury sedan.

Hyundai & Montana are NOT Talking about Football

This year Hyundai is taking a whole new approach with their Super Bowl 2017 ad campaign. The official sponsor of the Big Game will attempt something totally off-the-wall – to film, produce and edit a live commercial DURING the Super Bowl LI.

To build hype before the release of the 90-second Hyundai Super Bowl commercial, the automakers have called on Super Bowl champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary to promote their live stunt.

Introducing ‘Operation Better.’ Instead of making an actual commercial, Hyundai is creating a documentary. The focus of this year’s campaign is making the Super Bowl better for “the ones that make today, and every day possible.”

Watch the teasers here:

Humpty Dumpty Has a Great Fall…For TurboTax

The yolk’s on you! TurboTax has released its first Super Bowl LI teaser starring the notorious E.G.G. Humpty Dumpty. The 45-second ad highlights the dangers for eggs sitting on a wall and doing their taxes on a smartphone. Well, almost.

In the comic clip, British actor Jim Tavare takes on the role of Humpty Dumpty – an eggcellent performance if we may say so. Meanwhile, all the king’s men and the emergency services try to put Dumpty together again.

The new teaser from Wieden + Kennedy Portland is the first in a 3-part series. The second part will be unveiled in the Big Game and the final spot will come out only after the Super Bowl. This marks the fourth TurboTax Super Bowl commercial.

Country Boy Luke Bryan to Perform National Anthem

This just in! Country boy Luke Bryan will take to the Super Bowl stage to perform the national anthem ahead of kickoff.

In 2012, the country singer came under fire for writing the words to the “Star-Spangled Banner” on his hand as he performed at the Major League Baseball All-Star game. We hope this is a chance for Bryan to redeem himself!

To add more pressure, the singer follows in the footsteps of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 50 rendition of the national anthem. This year, Gaga will perform solo at the Halftime Show.

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