Get Fit, Stay Smart: Fitbit Brings On The Blaze With A Fashion Statement For SB 50

Fitbit 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

FitBit – tracking your every move with a watch.

Yep, you heard us right. If you’re wondering how fast your heart is beating as you sprint to Levi’s Stadium to catch the Broncos battle off against the Panthers, then boy do we have an accessory for you. At least, Fitbit has one and they’re spotlighting it during their 30-second Big Game ad.

Called “The Blaze,” it’s a watch, heart rate monitor, alarm clock and a fashion lover’s dream – all in one.

Watch the complete FitBit Super Bowl commercial called “Dualities” and see if you’re inspired to buy a Blaze, go for a run, or do both:

A Smart Watch Taking On the Big Game

The 2016 FitBit Super Bowl commercial highlights the brand’s Blaze watch and “fitness tracker” with scenes of four different people wearing the watch as they work out and then go about their daily routines. FitBit joins a long list of other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers in the race for some ad glory and this ad is meant to target the athletes in the audience.

According to AdAge, VP of Global Marketing at FitBit, Tim Rosa, claimed that the FitBit Super Bowl 50 commercial was put in place after they saw the “‘FitBit anthem advertisement perform extremely well throughout the AFC and NFC playoffs.”

In light of the success and in honor of the Big Game, Rosa “‘felt the time was right to take that leap” to a Super Bowl ad. FitBit is dedicating the whole spot to their FitBit Blaze, which can be yours for just $200 big ones. The watch can track your heart rate and suggest workout moves; it even has “Call, Text and  Calendar Alerts” to really get you going. (Watch out Apple – it looks like there’s a new watch in town…)

The FitBit ad will air in the beginning of the third quarter of CBS’s broadcast of Super Bowl 50. And if it hasn’t managed to get you up and running, then maybe the Michelob Ultra ad will do the trick. 

In the meantime, if working out is too much of a hassle, then you can sit back and watch the best Super Bowl commercials of 2016 (so far.)