From The Small Screen To The Big Game: The Best Animal Commercials Of All Time

Super Bowl best animal commercials

We all love animals. But to be honest, there’s one thing we love even more than our favorite furry companions: Great animal commercials! In fact, one of the reasons we love Super Bowl Sunday so much is because we’re usually treated to dozens of creative, funny and touching advertisements with animals as the star! 

With Super Bowl 50 creeping upon us, what better time than now to gather a list of the all-time best animal ads? And while we couldn’t find any ads with emus, we did see a lot of dogs, horses, pigs, frogs, pandas, goats and even pigeons! From the spots that went viral to the ones that were just too cute to go unmentioned, here’s our list of the best animal commercials – and our rankings of who we think did it best in each category. (Spoiler: It wasn’t always a Super Bowl star!)

Disagree with our rankings? Think we missed a legendary spot? Let us know!


After a long day at the office, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a can of Bud Light and one of our furry #BestBuds. While our puppy may not make for a good drinking buddy, he’s perfect for helping us nurse the brutal hangover of Super Bowl Monday.

In honor of Fido and Buster and Max, here’s a look at the top 5 best dog ads of all time:

  1. Budweiser – Lost Dog (Super Bowl XLIX)

No matter how hard we try, we still can’t manage to wash away those tears as we watch Budweiser’s Lost Dog commercial. Is it the sappy soundtrack or just the growing bond between the Clydesdale and the baby lab? Whatever it is, this ad scores a solid first place on our list.

  1. Budweiser – Friends are Waiting

Budweiser does it again! Our puppies need us just as much as we need them and, let’s just admit it, we wouldn’t be able to go one night without them by our sides. In addition to being adorable, this great ad reminds us not to drink and drive. Well done, Bud.

  1. Purina – Puppyhood

Though it never made it to the Super Bowl, here’s one ad we definitely have to hand it to. Purina’s brilliant Buzzfeed-inspired Puppyhood commercial does a great job in presenting the dynamic “soulmate” relationship between a puppy and its owner, while subtly presenting their brand only after two minutes of capturing our attention. Kudos, Purina.

  1. Suzuki – Carjam Radio Car Show (Super Bowl XLVI)

Furry friends also make for great car-jam buddies. So if you happen to be cruising around town or driving through a massive snowstorm in any of these fancy cars, have your Purina-munching friends tag along on the ride. (Or, you can just pull a Pierce Brosnan and drive a KIA. That works too.)

  1. Volkswagen – Dog Strikes Back (Super Bowl XLVI)

Darth Vader is back and better than ever in this Super Bowl XLVI Volkswagen commercial parody featuring our favorite four legged friend. Is the dog really funnier than the Vader kid? You tell us.


If you love the ranch as much as we do, then you’ll definitely love these ads with horses. 

  1. OPI – Instinct of Color

You’ve forgotten to stock up on hay and now find yourself in some major beef with your huge four-legged friend, who just happens to be wearing some really nice nail polish. Since you can’t settle it the usual way with an arm wrestle — then let the dance off, begin! (May the best man – or horse – win!)

  1. Budweiser – Clydesdales Brotherhood (Super Bowl XLVII)

Looks like Budweiser couldn’t go another Super Bowl without showing their Clydesdales some love. We just had to give the spotlight to these irresistible beauties! Bud always knows how to win over our hearts – and our beer money.

  1. Amazon Prime – Lonely Horse

Amazon brought us this unforgettable NFL playoff commercial this year – starring the cutest pony we ever saw!  So good, in fact that we wish they were going for a Big Game ad!


Our first piggy love was Wilbur and ever since then we’ve been smitten. It only makes sense that these pink and affable little porkers would grace our TV screens two. Here’s a look at two of the greatest big commercials:

  1. Vodafone Ireland – Piggy Sue

A touching story of a man who found a piglet and ends up keeping him after he realizes the owner was going to cook him up for dinner. (The only thing you’ll catch us cooking for the Super Bowl are these delicious chicken wings!)

  1. Doritos – When Pigs Fly (Super Bowl XLIV)

Have you ever seen a pig fly like the Lava Pup in Clash of Clan’s commercial featuring Christoph Waltz? There’s a first time for everything. And the next time our kids ask us for Doritos, we’ll definitely think twice before turning them down.


Didn’t think these croakers would ever win some air time in an ad? Think again! They’ve sure managed to make their mark in these unforgettable commercials:

  1. Ford Falcon – Banned Frog/Toad Commercial

This compelling ad was banned from being aired, but not because of the bloody (and sad) finale. The commercial was nixed for promoting speeding. Why did Ford choose to make this controversial ad? We have some theories…Check out our scoop on why some of the top brand names create Super Bowl ads that they know will get banned.

  1. Halls – Frog

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but cough drops apparently do! If you’re ever looking for a natural way to kill that winter-time cough, then Halls has a solution for you. Just take this frog’s word for it! (And they’ve even managed to make it look as though after one of their cough drops, you’ll be as energized as you are after drinking Mtn Dew’s Kickstart.)

  1. Budweiser – Frogs (Super Bowl XL)

If you’re looking for a bit of musical entertainment, there’s nothing more entertaining than a bit of frog-appella to brighten your day.


The sky’s the limit in life, but no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be as bold and sky-reaching as Butterfinger’s #BolderThanBold Super Bowl 50 announcement. (Guss we’ll just have to resort to letting the pigeons do the flying, or get a jet packed flying squirrel suit like the one at the end of Acura’s Super Bowl 2015 commercial.)

But we digress…. Without further ado, our favorite pigeon ads:

  1. FedEx – Carrier Pigeons (Super Bowl XLII)

If it doesn’t take a genius to do our taxes, then it sure as hell shouldn’t take a pigeon to carry our mail. FedEx has a better way. 

2. Virgin Money – Dancing Pigeon

Meet one pigeon that’s showing off his dance moves, but after chugging some Mtn Dew Kickstart, we’re over here still trying to perfect our “Powerstance.” (Or are at least attempting to dress like Russell Westbrook himself.)


You may have pet one on a childhood trip to the farm or at the least seen one from afar. They’re really quite cute, so it’s no wonder that advertisers have brought these little bleating friends on board to help promote their products.

  1. Geico – Scapegoat

We all have our days. Some are good. Some may be just outright bad. But one thing’s for sure: we’re definitely “not us when we’re hungry,” so we can relate to the star of this ad. Before you start your day (or your goat’s), make sure you have a Snickers bar in reach to calm your stresses.

  1. Sprint – Screaming Goat

We’re totally looking forward to the Super Bowl, but we’re looking forward to the Halftime show even more. In fact, this ad pretty much sums up our reaction when we found out that Beyonce is joining Coldplay at the Super Bowl halftime show.


They’re big, they’re furry and they’re the dalmatians of bears. (Of course they’ve won our hearts enough to score a spot on our list.)

  1. Kung Fu Panda 2 – We Will Wok You

The Kung Fu Panda crew is always guaranteed to WOK You – at least that was what they promised in their promo ad for Kung Fu Panda 2. Now, in honor of the upcoming release of Kung Fu Panda 3 coinciding with Super Bowl 50, Po is at it again! We can’t wait to see the Wix Super Bowl 50 ad, which has Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and the geniuses at DreamWorks Animation on board to help! This Kung Fu fighting crew has already release their first teaser, and we’re super excited to see what they have in store for the big screens at Levi’s Stadium!

  1. Panda Express – Talking Panda’s!

If you had to choose between munching bamboo or indulging in Beijing beef, which would you pick? By the looks of it, these talking pandas would choose the latter. Sharing is caring, so if you really want to spread the love (and not torment a panda), then make some room at your table.

  1. Panda – Never Say No to a Panda

Looks like there’s one Panda in town that woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket for game day booze or stocking up on Skittles, whatever you do, don’t say no to this crazy Panda.

Other Animals

Here’s to all those other animals of the jungle! Many of the best commercials feature not one cuddly creature but a whole zoo-full of then. We couldn’t leave these epic commercials off the list, so here they are, our top pics for animal ads!

  1. Slack – Animals!

Flying umbrellas? Animals at the office working like humans? This ad almost has the magical appeal of DreamWorks studio behind it…

Slow and steady wins the race! Last year, the battle was on between the tortoise and hare and with a little help from a Mercedes-Benz, you might be surprised to see who makes its way to the finish line first!

  1. Avocados From Mexico – First Draft Ever (Super Bowl XLIX)

What would Avocado From Mexico’s “First Draft Ever” look like if there was a remake of it at the Big Game? In honor of last year’s Super Bowl, we got an inside peak:

Haven’t had enough commercials for one day?

Then here’s a fun little Super Bowl commercials quiz to see which commercial you are. (You’d be surprised how much one little ad can tell you about your personality!)