Fighting Game Day Stains: Persil ProClean Hits Hard On SB 50 Screens….And Our Laundry

Persil 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Persil Proclean announces debut Super Bowl commercial…and they want to do your laundry.

Worried about all those stains you’ll have to clean up in the aftermath of your Super Bowl 50 party? Have no fear! Persil Proclean is here to knock out those Game Day stains and have your clothes looking as clean and fresh as new. And they’re going to remind you of that during the game, while you’re busy stuffing your face with messy nachos and greasy chicken wings.

Don’t believe us? Then maybe you’ll believe them. The Henkel-owned laundry detergent just announced the first ever Persil ProClean 2016 Super Bowl commercial. This is some pretty big news for a detergent that’s only been in the market for less than a year!

Because nothing’s better than stain-free clothes…..

SVP and General Manager of Henkel, Andreas Hartleb, said that the Persil ProClean Super Bowl 50 ad is meant to show that even though the brand is a new player in the U.S. Market, it “means business and is here to stay.” He concluded by saying that the Henkel brand is using America’s biggest sporting event of the year to boost brand awareness and name recognition in America.

Jumping Right in with a Teaser

They may be rookies, but it looks like Persil has got the hang of things! They even have a hashtag #GameDayStains and produced a 14-second teaser to accompany their big announcement. In it, we meet their stain-fighting guru, ‘The Professional.” 

To get their message across, we have a hunch that The Professional might fight more than just stains! But can he make an impact against this competitive field of 2016 Super Bowl advertisers?

What else is there to know about their debut ad?

Other than the teaser, there are few details about the Persil ProClean Super Bowl 50 commercial. We don’t know if they purchased a 30-second slot, or more, nor did they announce when the ad will air during CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game on February 7, 2016. 

The laundry detergent has us more curious than ever about what their ad has in store. Could it be that the folks at CBS agreed to run a Persil ProClean Super Bowl 50 ad to show some Game Day patriotism? (The brand’s label is, in fact, made up of the colors of the American flag…)

Can’t wait to see their ad? Then take this fun Super Bowl commercials test to pass the time…and try not to spill some beer on yourself while you’re at it.