The 5 Best Animated Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

The Ads That Used Animation To Transport Us To Imaginary Lands (Or To Make Animals Talk)

Animation isn’t just about Disney movies. With the help of computers, advertisers have taken advantage of the most advanced technology to make some unforgettable animated Super Bowl commercials. After all, the competition is fierce on Super Bowl Sunday and companies know that they have to go all in if they want their ad to be remembered. This is better than Saturday morning cartoons, so grab a glass of OJ and your favorite breakfast cereal and watch some of the best animated Super Bowl commercials of all time.

 5. Mercedes-Benz’s “Fable” (2015)

Last year, Mercedes starting building up the hype well before Game Day. Pitting #TeamTortoise against #TeamHare, we were all asked to vote on who would win in the classic race between turtle and rabbit. And while the tortoise pulled through (BIG SURPRISE), he abandoned his “slow and steady” technique for a quick ride to the finish line in sweet, silver Mercedes.

 4. MetLife “Everyone” (2012)

In this cute cartoon featuring friendly forest animals, villains and princesses alike, Metlife told us that, “every family, everywhere should have the financial security they need.” Does this mean that MetLife is so generous, they’re even willing to insure cartoon characters? Nah – what they really meant is that they’ll take anybody’s money.

 3. Coca-Cola “Heist” (2009)

Animals unite! Watch as the lower ranks of the animal kingdom join together on a mission to share a glorious bottle of Coca-Cola. In this beautifully animated commercial from the 2009 Super Bowl, a band of insects steals a Coke from an unsuspecting picnicker. It was his fault, however, since he foolishly left it unguarded while napping.

 2. Kia “Where Do Babies Come From? (2013)

When his son asks him where babies come from, this father comes up with quite a creative answer. In this commercial from the 2013 Super Bowl, Kia takes us on a wild ride to a faraway land. And Babylandia looks pretty cool! Introducing the magical planet where all babies come from – not just little human infants, but bear cubs, lambs and little piggies too! It’s almost as much fun as where babies really come from. Just kidding.

 1. Pepsi “Bears” (2004)

These animated bears look so real that the guy in the grocery store thinks they’re human! It’s a good thing too – we’re all cheering for this grisly as he tries to buy a case of ice cold Pepsi to go with his leftovers. We’ve all been there – right?


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