Previous Heinz Campaigns

Super Bowl 2016 will be the third Big Game ad for the world famous ketchup-makers at Heinz. The brand’s last appearance was in Super Bowl XLVIII, when it aired a 30-second spot titled Hum. The ad featured different groups of people humming the old time classic tune, “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” while holding a bottle of Heinz ketchup and joyfully tapping the bottle to the tune.

The commercial ends with a grandma squeezing the sweet, red tomato sauce until it’s all out; then her granddaughter hands her a new bottle to replace it. That ad marked the end of Heinz’s 16-year Super Bowl hiatus and was meant to promote the brand’s “Where there’s happy – it has to be Heinz” tagline.

Super Bowl XLVII (2014)

For their 1998 Super Bowl ad, Heinz launched a “Mine’s Gotta Have Heinz” campaign in their Big Game debut. Plus they let us know exactly how many tomatoes are in each bottle of Heinz!

Curious? Feeling nostalgic? Take a look at their ad from back in the ’90s. (No hashtag for this one!)

Super Bowl XXXII (1998)