The Top 5 Cheesiest Super Bowl Ads

And They’re Not All For Nacho Cheese Doritos

Appealing to audiences’ emotions has proven an effective tool for companies over the years. After all, some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time were ones that made us cry, laugh or hug a random stranger.

But sometimes the advertisers get a little carried away and go too heavy on the sugar. I feel their pain; it can be tough to toe that fine line between sweet and poignant or so sappy that your stomach gets a little queasy. But then again, some people love that crap. So if cheesy is your thing, then you will revel in reliving these moments of sentimental fluff. Of course, you probably already have a photo album or a snow globe dedicated to each one.

Here they are, the sappiest, cheesiest, Super Bowl commercials of all time:

 5. Groupon’s “Tibet” (2011)

This commercial paints a stunning portrait of Tibet and warns us that the country is at risk. But before we can begin to wonder how to help out, we are abruptly transferred to a Himalayan restaurant in Chicago where, with the help of Groupon, we can get $30 off our scrumptious curry meal! Hooray! So what’s the message? Well – if we can’t save Tibet, at least we can save money! Thanks Groupon – you’ve warmed the cockles of my heart.

 4.’s “Pandas” (2008)

Come cheer on these cartoon pandas as they set up their bamboo furniture business. With the help of, they turn their struggling mom and pop shop into the Walmart of Pandas – and little Ling Ling and Chin Chan are saved from a life at the zoo. Awww. Now if only this ad weren’t so racist….

 3. Dodge Ram’s “Farmer” (2013)

You gotta give Dodge credit. While this commercial from the 2013 Super Bowl was through the roof on the cheese factor, they pulled it off. The powerful slide show sucks us in and manages to make us cry all the same. In fact, this ad so effectively glorified the American farmer that by the end of the 2 minute segment, you may find yourself running to buy a farm in Iowa or at least planting a garden out back in your yard.

 2. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” (2015)

Puppies and love. It worked for Budweiser in 2015, so they went the same route again in last year’s game with this tearjerker of an ad. The ad shows the affection and dedication between a Clydesdale and a lost puppy. (I won’t spoil the ending.) And since Super Bowl viewers seem to find animals and cheese complete irresistible, the crowds loved this ad, yet again. Kind of like they love their Bud.

 1. General Motors’ “Robot” (2007)

It’s pretty impressive that in just one minute, GM was able to make us fall in love with a big hunk of metal. But this wasn’t just any piece of metal. In this commercial-cum-soap opera, we follow the story of a poor little robot who loses his job over at GM because of one tiny mistake. There’s something in the look of his eyes, I mean metal bolts, that is just so irresistible. Our hearts are crushed when he contemplates ending it all. Tissues required.


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