The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials Of 2016

2016 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is about entertainment. From the action on the field to the over-the-top Halftime Show, this great American tradition is all about sitting back, forgetting our worries and having a grand ol’ time. And for one day each year, the commercials, too, are part of the fun. Which is why we love it when a Super Bowl commercial actually makes us laugh out loud.

But despite all the dollars and brain power that companies invest in their Big Game ads, they don’t always pull off an entertaining ad. Luckily, unlike in 2015 when we were bombarded with depressing Super Bowl commercials, marketers got the message in Super Bowl 50 and kept us laughing throughout the painfully boring game. Thank you!

Enjoy the Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2016:

1. Mountain Dew #PuppyMonkeyBaby

We admit it. The first time we saw this Mountain Dew ad, we thought it was just weird. And then we watched it again. And again. And now we can’t stop saying “puppy-monkey-baby.”

2. Hyundai – First Date

Because we’ve all met fathers like this. Kevin Hart made for one very hilarious stalker in this ad about a daddy who is just trying to watch out for his little girl.

3. #StartStunning

Did you manage to catch all three classic Super Bowl ads that Wix parodied in their Big Game ad? In this hilarious 30-second spoof, Po and his friends manage to make us want to run out and see Kung Fu Panda 3 and build a new website! Can’t wait to see what Wix has in store for their Super Bowl LI commercial!

4. Honda – A New Truck to Love

We all need somebody to love – and we couldn’t get enough of the singing sheep in last year’s Honda Super Bowl ad. I mean, what’s more fun than singing karaoke to Queen hits? Even farm animals know the words!

5. Bud Light – The Bud Light Party

Bud Light jumped on the election year bandwagon with this Super Bowl faux-campaign commercial starring both Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer. The best part? When Rogen starts quoting lines from Independence Day. And every American does love beer. Maybe Amy Schumer should have really run for president? Just saying…

6. Avocados From Mexico – #AvosInSpace

The quirky commercial from Avocados from Mexico was certainly way out there, but the sheer creativity and randomness (Why Scott Baio?) made us giggle. And airplanes really are torture devices – especially if you’re sitting next to a screaming baby.

7. Skittles – The Portrait

Steven Tyler gave us a pretty unforgettable performance in this Skittles ad, and so did his “e-to-the-z, twiddley-d-isgusting” self-portrait. We loved the sing-off to the Aerosmith classic, “Dream On.” What’s more, while this ad was strange, it was also funny. Unlike Skittles 2015 Super Bowl commercial, which was only strange.

8. Shock Top – Unfiltered Talk

One of the insults in this fast-talking ad must have made you laugh. Unless, of course, you peaked in middle school. We loved watching T.J. Miller go tit for tat with the charmingly obnoxious Shock Top mascot.

9. Snickers – Marilyn

Our first look at what really went on behind the scenes when Marilyn Monroe filmed her famous skirt-blowing scene back in 1954. When the scene was originally shot, it was considered “exhibitionist” at the time. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if audiences back then had seen Willem Dafoe in a dress and heels?

10. Heinz – Wiener Stampede

The adorable puppies and sappy soundtrack just made it that much funnier. And the truth is, when it comes to ketchup, we really can’t live with anything other than Heinz. Heartwarming and hilarious – we loved it!

11. Toyota – The Longest Chase

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Toyota should have teamed up with Mini – who was also trying to Defy Labels in their Super Bowl 50 ad. Except that in addition to pushing back against Prius stereotypes in this ad, they also made us laugh our asses off.

12. Marmot

We, too, fell in love with a marmot this Super Bowl. Granted, we didn’t get all weird and try to make the moves on one, but still…

13. Doritos

Doritos made us laugh out loud not once, but twice last year during the Super Bowl. Of the three finalists in the 10th and final rendition of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition, two were declared winners. Both of the grand prize winners were hilarious ads that were creative, memorable and hilarious. We sure will miss Doritos in Super Bowl LI!

Watch Ultrasound and Doritos Dogs:

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