The 11 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2016

Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

While the game itself left something to desire, the commercials of Super Bowl 50 did not disappoint. We laughed, we cheered, we oohed and ahhed. And last year, we even “ewwwed” quite a bit. (Toe fungus and intestinal problems do not go well with my chips and dip!) But while the action on the field was a bit on the boring side, the dozens of commercials between plays kept us utterly engaged.

We saw them all – no pee breaks here – so you can enjoy the best of the best.

Here’s a look at the best 2016 Super Bowl commercials:

The 11 Best Super Bowl 50 Ads:

  1. – Kung Fu Panda

    The Wix 2016 Super Bowl commercial had it all. Funny, smart, compelling and memorable, we couldn’t get enough of the cast of Kung Fu Panda 3. What really impressed us was how Wix used a brief, 30-second cartoon to spin an elaborate story line, parody previous Super Bowl commercials and still clearly explain the benefits of their product. This makes two years in a row that the website builder created a stellar Super Bowl campaign. And we hear they’re coming back for more with a third consecutive Wix Super Bowl Commercial in Super Bowl LI! Touchdown, Wix!

  2. NFL – Super Bowl Babies Choir

    While the NFL isn’t a traditional Super Bowl advertiser like Budweiser or Mountain Dew, their promotional video in honor of Super Bowl 50 was simply so fabulous that we watched it 10 times – at least. We couldn’t help but sing along with Seal and these Super Bowl babies while wondering how many parents, too, had a surprise waiting for them right around October 30th … Did birthrates soar in Denver?

  3. Doritos – Ultrasound

    Long before Doritos announced the winners (there were two) of last year’s  “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest, we unofficially declared the “Ultrasound” ad, created by Peter Carstairs, to be our favorite. In fact, in our humble opinion, this ad is high on the list for one of the best Super Bowl ads ever.

  4. Audi – Commander

    In Super Bowl 2016, Audi managed to create an unforgettable ad that is at once touching and exhilarating. The commercial told a simple story that we could all relate to of a former astronaut who had lost his passion for life. That is, until he took his son for a spin in the new R8. The Bowie soundtrack in the background pushed it over the top. It was almost more than we can handle!

  5.  Mountain Dew Kickstart – PuppyMonkeyBaby

    Want to create a good Super Bowl commercial? Try including puppies, monkeys or babies. Want to create a Super Bowl commercial that everyone will be talking about for weeks? Include all three! The Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial, called #PuppyMonkeyBaby, proved that three is better than one. You know, like dew, juice and caffeine, or puppies, monkeys and babies. This commercial was certainly a bit out there, but it was a lot of fun. Watch it more than once – it keeps getting better! 

  6. – Baldwin Bowl

    Celebrities? Check. Humor? Check. Relevancy to introducing a cool, new product? Check. Football connection? Check.

    The Verdict: made one kick-ass debut in their first Super Bowl ad ever. Amazon’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial promoted Alexa aka “The Echo,” the online retail giant’s voice-activated speaker. In a nutshell, it’s pretty much the sweetest party trick we’ve ever seen. Now if only we knew how to get an invite to Alec Baldwin’s Super Bowl bash!

  7. Mini – Defy Labels 

    One little car sent a powerful, Super Bowl-sized message in their Game Day ad last year. The Mini Super Bowl commercial showed a strong self-awareness by the company about the stereotypes associated with their cars. But the ad did far more than that; its powerful ensemble cast encouraged all of us to “Defy Labels” and define ourselves. Whether you drive a Mini, an 18-wheeler or a scooter, it’s a message that we should all take to heart!

  8. Honda – Somebody to Love

    Honda approached Super Bowl glory in their fun ad for the 2017 Ridgeline truck. With Queen’s “Somebody to Love” as the score, the fun commercial had everyone singing along – even the farm animals!

  9. Hyundai – First Date

    Have an overprotective father? Then you probably could relate to this commercial. It made us laugh, it made us cringe and at the end of the day we thought to ourselves, that “Car Finder” feature looked pretty cool. Do you think Hyundai could make a “date finder” too? Not for dad’s, but for the single ones among us?

  10. TurboTax – Never a Sellout

    TurboTax waited until the Big Game to release this fantastic Super Bowl ad and boy are we glad we were paying attention! A dignified, respectable “Sir” Anthony Hopkins stars in this ad. But don’t worry, he didn’t try to sell you anything. If you think about it, it’s more like a public service announcement: With TurboTax, you can file your taxes for free! 

  11. Skittles – The Portrait

    In what was Skittles second Super Bowl ad, Steven Tyler did a great job competing with his own self-portrait in a sing-off to “Dream On.” Who woulda thought that you could do much with those rainbow-colored candies? Creative, fun and delicious! We loved it!

There you have it, (and with our deepest apologies to Budweiser) the 11 best Super Bowl commercials of 2016!