An All Star Team: Hyundai Announces Star Directors Behind Their 4 (FOUR!) Super Bowl 50 Ads

Hyundai Super Bowl Comercial 2016 - Elantra and Sedan Genesis

Star directors Berg, Bond, Stoller and Kaminski to produce SB50 ads promoting Hyundai’s Elantra and Genesis models

South Korean car maker, Hyundai, is no rookie to the Super Bowl ad game. In fact, they have participated in the event for 8 years. After taking a sabbatical from Super Bowl 2015, they will be back in full force for Super Bowl 50 with 4 ads directed by the acclaimed Peter Berg, Fredrik Bond, Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski.

Going big, they purchased a 60-second spot at the beginning of the game, along with two 30-second ads in the first and second quarters, plus one slot during the pre-game! The company also announced the 2 car models that will be featured in their Super Bowl 50 commercials – the Elantra and the Genesis. (Hyundai’s hope? That all these ads will have you running to your local Hyundai dealership right after the Big Game!)

Meet the Brains Behind the Ads…

The Super Bowl is considered to be the biggest sporting event of the year and so far we already know about 3 other car companies racing for SB50 glory. But looks like Hyundai’s latest move will put them just one step ahead of the game. Hyundai Motor America’s chief marketing officer, Dean Evans, claims that the company collaborated with “world-class directors” to create what they think will be “incredibly engaging memorable ads,” making them the ads that will stand out the most at the Big Game.

Peter Berg

Recognized for directing previous works like the dark comedy Very Bad Things (1998) and the much-loved television series Friday Night Lights, among many others, Pony Show Entertainment’s Peter Berg, will direct TWO of the company’s Super Bowl 50 ads. The actor, director, writer and producer is known for his ability to produce visuals that are eye-catching (to say the least).

Fredrik Bond

Word on the street has it that Bond (no, not the one you might be thinking of…) is considered to be one of the greatest directors in advertising of all time, and will present his amazing work by directing Hyundai’s new brand ad. Having previously received awards for his excellence, there’s no doubt that this highly in-demand director will knock us off our seats with whatever he has in store.

Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski

Stoller and Kaminski will take the helm together for one of Hyundai’s Super Bowl 50 ads. Stoller is recognized for his ability to direct stellar commercials and for telling stories that engage the broader audience. Joining him in this Big Game mission is cinematographer, film director, and Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski, best known for Schindler’s List.

Meet the Featured Vehicles

Two separate commercials will showcase the unique features and high-end technology of Hyundai’s 2017 Elantra. Hyundai boasts about the car’s quality features including its “sophisticated styling, all-new efficient power-trains, better ride quality and comprehensive safety.”

Hyundai Elantra Super Bowl Commercial 2016









While the Elantra will star in two different announcements, the company will tout its luxurious Genesis in only one ad, focusing on the car’s modern design, safety features, its “premium technology and amenities” and the overall driving experience.

Sedan Genesis - Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial 2016








As for the Hyundai’s fourth Super Bowl 50 commercial, it will offer viewers a touching story about the company’s values and what it delivers to its consumers.

Make sure to catch the February 7, 2016 live broadcast of the Big Game on CBS, and stay tuned for more updates on Hyundai’s latest Super Bowl 50 developments.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap of the company’s previous campaigns and a list featuring our favorite Hyundai ads!

But we couldn’t hold it, so here is their last SB ad from 2014: