Star Power! The Top 6 Celebrity Spots in Super Bowl XLIX

The Top 5 Celebrity Super Bowl Commercials

Each year, the Super Bowl is packed with celebrities. Some are on the field and others are sitting on the sidelines. Most of them, however are on our tv sets, making inordinate sums to promote products in the countless commercials that air during the game. In the world of advertising, brands have long used celebrities to associate their wares with success. Famous endorsers provide companies with legitimacy and connect the product with desirable traits like humor, beauty or wealth.

Super Bowl XLIX was no different. From trendy stars like Kim Kardashian to timeless classics like Pete Rose or Bryant Gumbel, there was some tough competition for the best celebrity commercial.

But decisions had to be made and as Pete Carroll knows well, not everyone can be a winner.

In our humble opinion, there were the best 6 celebrity appearances in last year’s Super Bowl :

#6 –

1 Commercial, 5 NFL Legends and a Rex Lee cameo. Need we say more?

First time Super Bowl advertiser chose to feature 5(!) NFL legends in their ad last year, presenting each as the owner of a new small business. We loved that Wix kept football in the commercial and the rich, integrated campaign showed that some serious thought went into dreaming up each of these businesses. Each new endeavor was a perfect match for its celebrity owner, even if it has nothing to do with football.

#5 – Esurance

There were no tweets and no leaks. No previews or teasers. When Walter White aka Heisenberg aka actor Bryan Cranston showed up during the Big Game last year, he made a big buzz. The commercial was weird, creepy and fantastic. Just like Breaking Bad.

#4 – T-Mobile

Kim Kardashian is without a doubt one of the most dominant celebrities in the online world today. From publishing her own book to breaking the Internet with her naked bum, Kim Kardashian’s self-deprecating appearance last year pushed T-Mobile straight to the top. In addition to being funny and self-aware, T-Mobile’s commercial delivered a clear message about the product: “It’s Your Data. Keep It.”

#3 – BMW

Speaking of self-deprecation, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric definitely showed their sense of humor in this hilarious ad for the electric i3. The commercial featured a clip from 1994 when Gumbel and Couric are discussing the Internet and email without really having a clue what they are talking about. Fast forward to 2015 and they are equally skeptical about the concept of an electric car. BMW tells us frankly, “big ideas take a little getting used to.” Point taken.

#2 – Snickers

Snickers proved us wrong. We were sure they wouldn’t be able to beat Betty White’s performance in Super Bowl 2014, but by featuring Danny Trejo in their Brady Bunch parody and then surprising us with a cameo from Steve Buscemi, the candy bar co was able to enhance their brand recognition yet again and continue the great tradition of their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.  These guys are on a roll and our fingers are crossed that their 2016 Super Bowl commercial keeps with the trend of hilarious ads!

#1 – Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was just a video game before last year’s Big Game. That was until Liam Neeson got everyone in America talking about them – and downloading them, too. We’re pretty confident this gaming company made their investment back in no time.


While all of these brands did a great job creating star-studded commercials, we have to hand it to Mophie. They gave a starring role to the most celebrated one of all. Who is more internationally revered, loved and ubiquitously recognized than God Almighty?