Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Graduates: Relive The Best Moments In 10 Years Of Great Super Bowl Ads

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 10 Year

As they go on…we remember…all the moments…that will live forever…

(Okay, we may have butchered those lyrics just a little bit, but they still work.)

And while those may not be the exact words used in Doritos’ new Super Bowl teaser, the message is definitely one that we will remember forever. The famous makers of triangle-shaped chips just released a 10-year mashup music video called “Graduation (Bold Forever).”

What graduation are they referring to? This is the final year of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest and on Super Bowl Sunday the final winners will be crowned. To commemorate the best moments in Doritos Big Game advertising since 1996, Doritos created a fabulous music video featuring unforgettable scenes from previous Doritos Crash the Super Bowl champions.

Watch the mashup here and bring a tissue:

In honor of the company’s 10th and final year running, the Doritos Super Bowl compilations features the best adverting moments from their past winners as well as scenes from this year’s 3 finalists.

The Doritos 2016 Super Bowl commercial will bring an end to their long and running #CrashTheSuperBowl campaign that we’ve grown to love. The contest was created to give one lucky person a chance to win a whopping $1 million and the chance to make a film together with Hollywood director Zack Snyder. Meanwhile, the marketing department at Doritos gets to sit back and chill while someone else dreams up their Super Bowl ad on their behalf. (Was the cheesy chips company just too lazy to make their own ad all these years?)

Meet the three Crash the Super Bowl 2016 contestants who are still in the race.

One of these ads will be the official Doritos Super Bowl 50 ad aired during CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game!

  1. Swipe for Doritos

In the world of online dating apps and sites, finding that one person to sweep you off your feet may be nearly impossible. Bring along a bag of Doritos, however, and you can win over anyone’s heart.

  1. Doritos Dogs

Everybody wants a piece of Doritos. In fact, even our furry little four-legged friends love the cheesy chips so much that they are willing to do anything to get their hands…er…paws on them.

  1. Ultrasound

Want to learn how to make an unborn baby fly out of it’s mother’s womb? Watch and see Doritos work it’s magic in a hospital room.

With creative ads that have often been among the best commercials of the Super Bowl each year, we’re definitely sad to see Doritos put an end to their 10-year Crash the Super Bowl contest.

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