Blow It Up: Machine Zone Recruits Schwarzenegger For Mobile Strike Super Bowl Ad

Mobile Strike 2016 Super Bowl commercial Machine Zone

And it’s going to blow up more than just our phones…

Right when we thought the mobile gaming industry was sleeping, Machine Zone ended up surprising us with a very last minute 60-second teaser starring (can we get a drumroll, please) the one and only Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger for their game, Mobile Strike! (At least, if Arnold says it’s official, then we’re holding him to it.)

Get a sneak peek of what Arnold claims will be Super Bowl 50’s “BIGGEST commercial”:

Aside from Schwarzenegger, the 30-second Mobile Strike 2016 Super Bowl commercial is meant to promote the gaming company’s Mobile Strike game. Truth is, the commercial looks more like a preview for an action movie. (Could it be that this as is also some sort of premier of Schwarzenegger’s next film? We’ll leave that one to our imagination.)

As we can already see from the teaser, the Mobile Strike Super Bowl 50 commercial will be thrilling to say the least. The “action game of modern war” allows users to “build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield” (And what better all star celeb than Schwarzenegger to catch blowing things up!)

According to AdAge, “Mobile Strike is currently No. 9 in the top-grossing chart of the iOS App Store” so it’s no wonder why Machine Zone chose America’s biggest sporting event to promote their game with an aim to increase traffic and sales.  

Though we don’t have much information about when during the Game we can see their ad on Sunday, we have confirmed that ad agency TwoFifteenMcCann are the brains behind the creative details of the ad.

A look at what Machine Zone has done in the past:

No stranger to the Super Bowl ad game, Machine Zone is back this year with a mind-blowing Super Bowl commercial for the Big Game. This year’s ad will have a more modern day tone than their Super Bowl XLIX (2015) ad, which was promoting “Game of War.” Actually, mostly it was showing us a half-naked Kate Upton. 

See the Game of War commercial from last year:

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