Out With The Old: PayPal Introduces New Money In Super Bowl 50 Ad

PayPal 2016 Super Bowl commercial New Money

Because old is simply too outdated…

And new money is the face of the future. At least, that’s the message online payment company, PayPal, wants to send to its consumers in their 45-second Super Bowl 50 debut ad called “There’s a New Money in Town.”

Watch their ad here:

The Paypal 2016 Super Bowl commercial is meant to promote the company’s vision of the “future of money, while taking aim at traditional financial systems.” Watch out Wall Street! The fast-paced ad features Demi Lovato’s “Confident”  as a soundtrack while a mix of brightly colored words appear on screen to send a bold, clear message to viewers.

The ad ends by declaring that PayPal is the new money in today’s vastly changing world. And what better way to get this message across to consumers than on advertising’s biggest stage, the Super Bowl?

Paypal’s debut Super Bowl commercial promotes the idea that “New money isn’t paper. It’s progress,” while old money is nothing but outdated and soon to be obselete, Look out for the commercial early on, during the first quarter of CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game.

The world is changing and technology is paving the way for new developments. With PayPal’s easy-to-use online payment system, the future (for money, at least) is already here.

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