America Unites! The Nation Sees The Light In Bud Light’s Full SB 50 Ad

Bud Light 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Fellow Americans! The Bud Light Party is here and they have one big political message in light of the Big Game….

“America has seen the Light. And there’s a Bud in front of it.”

Don’t believe us? Then maybe you’ll believe Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer when they say it. Bud Light released it’s 60-second Super Bowl 50 ad called “The Bud Light Party” and they definitely have our vote! After all, these two candidates are highlighting the best things about life in the U.S.A. – like emojis, beer and the movie Independence Day. Things that every American can agree on! 

Watch their full ad here:

The 2016 Bud Light commercial is meant to drive the message home that America is united in so many different ways. The ad shows Schumer and Rogen stepping up to the podium to speak in front of large crowds in various settings to pitch their political #BudLightParty campaign. From justice, liberty, free parking and beer, they tell the crowd that “nothing brings America together like Bud Light.”

With such a powerful message to consumers, we definitely think Bud Light made a stellar ad that will ultimately generate more sales. And with Rogen and Schumer as spokespeople, they’ve even managed to top their Super Bowl XLIX (2015) commercial. Remember that one? It featured a lifesize Pack-Man maze and a random Bud drinker who was #UpForWhatever .

Need a reminder? See the Bud Light Super Bowl XLIX ad here:

Bud Light will be joining a long list of other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers in their chase for some Super Bowl ad glory. The beer brewing company has also prepared customized team beer cans for Super Bowl fans. So if you’re really looking to get into the Game Day hype, don’t forget to drink a Bud Light that’s emblazoned with the logo of your favorite team.