NFL SCORES! What Happens 9 Months After Your Team Wins The Super Bowl?

NFL Football Is Family Commercial - Football Babies

The crowd cheers, and you go home for a post Super Bowl celebration in the sack

The Super Bowl isn’t just a time to watch two team’s battling it out on the playing field. It’s not just a time to watch legendary pop singers take the halftime stage. And as much as we’d like to believe so, it’s not just about TV commercials.

No, the Super Bowl is also a time for families to come together (very close together) and for fans to get down and dirty before, during or after the touchdown goal. At least, that’s the theme the NFL plays up in their Super Bowl 50 commercial/music video called “Super Bowl Choir Babies.”

(And with Super Bowl 50 being the “Golden Anniversary” of America’s most engaging sporting event, we’re sure to see an increase in the number of babies born this year!)

Watch the extended version of the music clip here:

NFL joins the fun

The NFL’s Super Bowl 50 music video is based on the fun fact that, according to AdWeek, “winning cities see a rise in births nine months after a Super Bowl victory.” Their music video features Super Bowl babies…singing along with Seal to “Kiss from a Rose.” The lyrics, however, are brand and new and hilarious! (Watch the video with captions on!)

The ad was directed by Park Pictures’ Chris Wilcha and Lance Acord and is set to air during the third quarter of CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game. 

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What they’ve done in the past

The NFL’s 2016 Super Bowl ad takes on a completely different tone than their more serious Super Bowl XLIX (2015) ad titled “Listen” which was a public service announcement that aimed to tackle domestic violence.

Watch the ad here: