Top 5 Banned Super Bowl Commercials


Not All Ads Make The Final Cut. Maybe Because They Were Too Funny. That’s Probably It. They Were Too Funny To Air And Got Banned

Creating the best Super Bowl commercial doesn’t necessarily mean being the best. It just means being better than the rest.

But sometimes advertisers take this strategy to the next level and end up creating commercials that can’t be aired. Too racy, too controversial or just plain offensive, it’s an advertising trick that works year in and year out. If history is any indicator, there were be at least one 2017 Super Bowl commercial that gets banned.

For those of you who missed these clips along the way, here is our list of the best banned Super Bowl ads of all time!

5. Carl’s Jr, 2015

We just can’t imagine why this was banned. Oh wait, yes we can. Thank goodness there’s YouTube to let us (and more than 13 million other viewers) ogle longingly over those, um, hamburgers.


4. Skechers, 2011

No one is powerless to resist the temptation that is Kim Kardashian’s booty! Want to know the secret to KK’s ass? Skechers.


3. Bud Light, 2006

Bud Light is the way to go for the great taste that will always fill you up and never let you down. Bud Light is also the way to go for the great commercial that will never let you down.


2. Peta, 2009

It’s clear this commercial was made by all them self-righteous vegetarians who think they are helping a greater cause. While the ad may have not successfully turned people vegetarian, it did get people to turn their heads.


1. Bud Light, 2010

If only clothing drives were really like this!

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