The 7 Most Controversial Super Bowl Commercials, Ever


Sitting through commercials sucks. Except for when it doesn’t! If you love controversary, than Super Bowl ads can be your mecca. Each year, there’s at least one juicy morsel that sparks a good controversy. And we love it!

Want a little refresher? Love a good bit of gossip? Let’s take a look back at some of Super Bowl’s most unforgettable – and controversial – commercials:

(Warning: Some are so unforgettable they weren’t allowed to be aired!)

 7. Old Man + Old Woman + Park Bench = PORNHUB.COM

Pornhub, 2013 (banned)

Despite the fact that nothing actually happens in this commercial the insinuation of sex (let alone by some old folks)) was enough to get this 2013 Pornhub commercial banned from the Super Bowl in 2013. Will they try again for Super Bowl 2016? We kinda hope so!

 6. Vegetarians Have Better Sex

PETA’S “Veggie Love,” 2009 (banned)

Another attempt by the animal rights organization to inflict their agenda upon us, and take over the world. While there’s no chance that will happen, they did manage to get our attention for 30 seconds with the whole “sex” thing. Besides, it’s not every day you see a woman rubbing asparagus across her belly button.

Also, vegetarians have some weird fetishes. What?! Don’t pretend like that didn’t cross your mind.

 5. Angry Naked Feminist Women

Dove Pro-Age Campaign, 2007

Dove’s 2007 risqué commercial, “are you anti-age, or pro-age?” gets the message across by showing naked women. Dove is celebrating women regardless of their age, grey hair, curves, and bla, bla, bla  – yawn!

They really tried to change the negative into the positive, but this went more negative than anything.

 4. Some Sexy Man On Man Action, 2010

What starts off as two guys innocently watching a football game, quickly escalates into much more. Tension strikes when they both reach for the oily potato chips.

Love is in the air!

 3. Some More Man On Man Action

Snickers, 2007

No man can resist a Snickers bar. Not even if it means two homophobic men have to touch lips for the very first time…

 2. Childhood Death is not Funny

Nationwide, 2015

Insurance company Nationwide shocked viewers last year with their depressing, jarring commercial last year about childhood death.

 1. Yummy, Yummy in My Tummy

Groupon, “Save the Money – Tibet”, 2011

What starts off as a “save the children” style ad quickly turns into a “What else can America turn into a business?” style ad.

Also, fish curry FTW!


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