Top 5 Weirdest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

weirdest super bowl commercials

The Ads That Left Us All Thinking WTF?

Each advertiser has 30 seconds to stand out from the crowd. If executed successfully, these brief seconds will touch us, and tickle us in all the right places.

The problem starts when then the attempt to be silly or goofy becomes awkward. Or just plain bizarre. (Let’s hope the 2016 Super Bowl advertisers take a hint from these past failures and steer clear of these kinds of ads that make us wriggle in our seats.)

A look back at the top 5 commercials of all time that left us feeling a little confused, or uncomfortable or totally grossed out…

5. GoDaddy’s “Big Kiss” (2013)

The premise of the commercial is actually quite clever. Mixing sexy and nerdy to get a website. But it’s quite obvious that GoDaddy was going for the shock factor when they aired a close up kiss with supermodel Bar Refaeli, and nerdy Jessie Heiman.
Also, can someone please clarify what exactly Danica Patrick has to do with domain names?


4. E-Trade’s “We Just Wasted $2 Million Dollars” (2000)

America at its finest. Spend $2 million dollars of a monkey dancing around to get your message across. Need we say more?


3. Miller High Life’s A Guy Yells: “High Life” (2009)

Spoiler alert! The one second commercial begins and ends with a guy yelling, “high life”.


2. GM’s “Robot”

GM is obsessed with quality. So obsessed with quality that they were willing to make a robot dream about committing suicide to get their point across.


1. Old Milwaukee “The Milwaukee Kiss” (2013)

Will Ferrell and an unidentified Asian lady eat each other’s face off to the sound of a romantic classic tune. Did we miss something?

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