The Top 10 Nerdiest Super Bowl Commercials

nerdiest super bowl commercials

The Super Bowl Isn’t Only For Jocks. (In Fact, Some May Even Call It A Nerd’s Paradise)

One part science, one part math, and one part freak-azoid.

Such triple threat commercials speak to brains over brawn.

Advertisers are always trying to find new ways to tickle our fancy and some find that by playing up the “nerd” during the most testosterone packed event of the year, they’ll successfully stand out from the crowd. While many commercials manage to incorporate this gimmick playfully, others end up being a little, well… geeky.

Here are the top 10 commercials that hit the spot with a killer combination of nerdiness:


10. Google – Parisian Love 2010

A modern day love story told through Google searches. Nothing says “I love You” like a Google search bar.


9. Lifeminders – Know nothing about ads 2000

The creative team over at LifeMinders was super innovative and original. They created their commercial with a powerpoint.


8. Loctite Super Glue 2015

There really isn’t anything nerdier than fanny packs, is there? Except maybe dancing in fanny packs that are filled with Loctite super glue.


7. Sales Genie 2008

The world splits into two. Those that need a sales miracle, and those that think they need a sales miracle but in reality just need a commercial miracle. You can decide for yourself which category this commercial falls into.


6. AT&T – Paul Reiser 1996

Still not sure if AT&T offers long distance calls at competitive prices. They didn’t repeat it enough.


5. Oreo – Whisper 2013

There’s an Oreo cookie Civil War going on. Cream or cookie. Fathers will be fighting their sons. Mothers against daughters. Everyone will be preparing for battle. So choose your side wisely.


4. Kia ‘Space Babies’ (2013)

Where do babies come from?

In Babylandia, the babies roam the land. They are then sent through a rocketship that is shot through space, enters the atmosphere, and they then parachute down to reach their parents. Yep, that sounds about right.


3. E-Trade ‘Trading Baby’ (2012)

They say that babies cry, because they can’t talk. But it turns out if babies could talk, they would tell us to talk to eTrade financial consultants. Thank god we cleared that up.


2. Bridgestone tires – ‘Reply All’ (2011)

Office humor! It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true! Hitting reply all is your worst nightmare!


1. “The Force” – Volkswagen (2011)

Ask any nerd, and he’ll tell you the same thing. Nerds far and wide, from different races, ethnicities, regions, religions, and socio-economic status recite the following words in their sleep, “may the force be with you”.


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