The Best Celebrity Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

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Fame Is The Name Of The Game. And No We’re Not Talking About The Football Game. Talking ‘Bout That Other Game.

Each year, we’re treated to a parade of celebrities interspersed between plays on Super Bowl Sunday. From former NFL greats to actors, models and news anchors, no type of celebrity is left out of the mix. But as with all Super Bowl ads, some celeb spots are way better than others. As we twiddle our thumbs and wonder what famous faces will grace our screens during Super Bowl 50, here’s a look back at the Best Celebrity Super Bowl commercials of all time.

10. Betty White: Aggressive & Classy

Oh the irony! Frail old Betty White throwing around the pigskin with the guys! The beloved Golden Girl makes a hilarious cameo.


9. James vs. Howard

This is the second famous McDonald’s classic you all probably know and love. Lebron James and Dwight Howard do a great job.


9. Jordan vs. Bird: One on One

Some of you will probably remember this commercial from your childhood! The classic stars Michael Jordan & Larry Bird.


7. Bar Refaeli

Although this commercial left us somewhat confused, one thing was clear: Bar Refaeli is absolutely stunning!


6. Snickers

We didn’t think they could beat Betty White’s performance from the previous year, but in Super Bowl 2015 Snickers’s ad featured Danny Trejo in a brilliant Brady Bunch parody. Then, they went on to surprise us with a cameo from Steve Buscemi and we were totally smitten. 


5. Joe Montana

The miracle Montana stain is an absolute miracle! Although Joe Montana doesn’t do a cameo, he does appear in the form of a stain.


4. Scarlett Johannson

All it takes is one smile from gorgeous Scarlett Johannson, and we’re in. One sodastream please!


3. Eminem

Snap to reality! Chrysler’s, “motor city” commercial, features Detroit’s very own Eminem. “Lose yourself” is played in the background, and ends on Eminem’s perfectly chiseled face.


2. Britney Spears

Sexy Britney takes us on a time travelling trip with her trusty companion, Pepsi!
“Pepsi please! For those who think young (*wink*).”


1. Terrible Terry Tate!

Beware of Terrible Tate for fear he might throw you to the ground! No pain, no game! This commercial, based off of a series of web comedy shorts, is laugh out loud funny.

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