The 7 Most Badass Super Bowl Commercials

These Ads Set The Standard For Cool

Now we know whom NOT to mess with!

Over the years, there have been funny commercials and sad ones, sappy ones and stupid ones. And then, every so often, a brand does a really good job at redefining cool and kickass all at the same time. Remember in high school how the hot girls were always attracted to the mean guys? Well folks, we’re really no different. There is just something so compelling about toughness (particularly when it comes to cars.) Check out these 7 badass Super Bowl commercials and just try and tell me you’re not a little bit tempted…


7. Lexus “Make Some Noise” (2015)

Wanna be seen? Be heard? Make some noise? After this very smooth ad, you will. Creative, badass and definitely cool, this clip from SB 2015 featured sweet beats and a Lexus NX maneuvering its way flawlessly around a parking lot. We were impressed.

6. Hyundai Santa Fe (2013)

Forget your favorite NFL team. This 2013 Super Bowl commercial will have you cheering for this little prepubescent teen as he gathers a band of rough and tumble boys to get back at a mean ol’ bully. Escorted by his mom in her 7-passenger Santa Fe, the skinny little boy with the spikey hair puts together a menacing football team that is truly badass. Bonus points for those red-headed twins!


5. Apple’s “Introducing Macintosh” (1984)

Nothing’s more badass than rebelling against Big Brother. Beware the woman with the sledgehammer! This legendary 1984 Super Bowl commercial introducing the Macintosh computer promised that Apple would throw conformity to the window and launch a new age of creativity and independence. Sounds pretty damn cool – if only it weren’t so ironic…


4. Oreo’s “Whisper” (2013)

Watch as a heated debate breaks out in this library. No – this debate isn’t over Roe v. Wade or the Kantian ethics. We’re talking about a little cream-filled cookie. Yessir – Oreo’s are serious business and it seems that these studious fellows have some very strong feelings about which part of the famous cookie is tastiest.


3. Doritos’ “Ninja” (2010)

Alright, so the commercial is a little bit stupid, we admit. But the message is clear. Do not mess with Tim’s Doritos. Ever.


2. Jaguar’s “British Villains Rendezvous” (2014)

Why do we find the British so intimidating and scary (and so cool)? There’s just something about that British accent that sends Americans running for cover. These guys are baaad in a way that we Americans can never come close to. That is, unless, we drive a Jaguar.


1. Audi’s “The Chase” (2009)

We’ve already established that the Brits are cool and Jason Statham is one of the coolest. Best known for playing in Revolver, Snatch, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the very badass Statham usually performs his own stunts. In this 2009 Super Bowl commercial, he is in a grilling car chase. So which vehicle does he choose to make his smooth getaway when things really get close? An Audi of course. Then again, even if Jason Statham were on a tricyle, I still wouldn’t mess with him.


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