The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials Starring Babies

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials Starring Babies

The Ads That Made Us Coo, Drool And Giggle Like A Babe In Arms

These little infants made their on-screen debuts at a young age and used their pudgy cheeks and lovable antics to help companies boost their sales. How nice of them!
Marketing veeps know that us humans are hardwired to find babies utterly irresistible (even when they’re naughty) and advertisers have no problem using this to their advantage when it comes time to get creative with Super Bowl commercials. In Super Bowl’s past, we’ve seen babies help sell cars, Doritos, cameras and even investment advice. It’s not clear what makes these tiny tots such experts on these products, but they’re so cute and funny that we’re inclined to believe them.

Last year’s roster was a bit lacking in the baby department. Will advertisers bring more babes –  I mean babies –  back to star in Super Bowl 2016?

Meanwhile a look back at the best baby commercials from Super Bowl’s past…. which baby do you think played it best?

5. Kia “Where Do Babies Come From?” (2013)

In this memorable car commercial, a young boy asks his father where babies come from. As Dad flubbers through a response, creating an elaborate explanation involving a planet full of babies and gravity-defying sheep, it soon becomes clear that his young son actually knows the answer to this age-old question. Thank goodness that Kia is around to help patch up a very awkward situation.

 4. Doritos “Sling Baby” (2012)

There’s no telling what grandma will do to get some Doritos! They may look innocent sitting there, the grandma and baby on the porch, swinging nonchalantly as a kid in a treehouse taunts them with Doritos. But beware the power of this fearsome duo. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

 3. E-Trade “Trading Baby” (2012)

These are some pretty advanced babies over at E-Trade. From investment advice to speed dating, meet these newborns who seem to have life all figured out, before they’re even potty-trained!

 2. Doritos “Little Girl vs. Dog” (2013)

Here’s the scene: There’s mom up front, handing Doritos to her young daughter who is sitting in a car seat beside the family dog. Mom’s got her eyes on the road so she’s oblivious to what is really going on in the backseat. Turns out, the dog likes Doritos as much as the rest of the family. But the little girl is smarter than we might think and she is not interested in sharing her favorite snack. What do you think happens when the little puppy even considers stealing her last bite?

 1. GoPro “Dubstep Baby” (2013)

The ultimate home video. GoPro shows us the possibilities for filming our little babies with their new, versatile camera. With neat camera angles and a techno soundtrack, a baby walker never looked this cool.

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